Headley and Fowler tussle, errr... I mean talk.


According to a report from the Associated Press, Chase Headley ran into Ron Fowler last night just before the start of the Arizona game at Petco Park. Headley apparently expressed his concerns, and reaffirmed his stance that he would prefer to wait until after the season. His rationale behind that decision when asked later on if it has been a distraction:

"I would say so. I'm trying to pour water on the fire as much as I can," Headley said. "This is why I didn't want to do it during the season. I wanted it to be about what's taking place on the field. The reasoning for my wanting to do this in the offseason and not the regular season is because I know me better than anybody else. For me to go out and play the best that I can, not only for myself but this team, more importantly, I need to be completely focused on the field. That's the sole and only purpose behind it."

Headley also went on to explain what transpired during that conversation:

"...had a good conversation. We both kind of reiterated that there is no misunderstanding the way it came out. He wanted me to know that he wasn't negotiating through the media. That was the big thing. Maybe could have done it in a better way and he didn't mean to put the spotlight on me. I appreciated that. I explained my position and why I thought it was best to hold off on it. He respected that. We're good. There's no tension between us."

"We're done with it for now," Headley added. "Mr. Fowler made it a point to say `Hey, we do want you here and we do want to keep you here a long time.' I appreciated that. I had a great conversation with him but as of right now we're focusing on the field."

Fowler gave a much shorter, and less detailed answered through an e-mail response when asked about it:

"a brief, friendly conversation with Chase today ... that's all I can confirm. Just happened to run into him."

So, as fans, where does this leave you? Disappointed, frustrated, not surprised in the least, etc...?

P.S. - My fanpost cherry has now been broken.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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