The Trevor-The Trevor Hoffman Team MVP Voting

Denis Poroy

51 Games are in the books, and it is time to figure out who is the Trevor Hoffman Team MVP for the Padres. A not very interesting note about The Trevor, is that it is started because I forgot to write about this after 50 games, and don't want to wait till 1/3 of the season in three games because that will be the weekend for me.

Before we get to the poll, lets look at WAR (via, although is almost the same) for our leaders.

Everth Cabrera leads the way with 2.1 WAR, with a large portion coming from Base Running and fielding. He has also played in every game this year, and seems to be improving as the season progresses. His walk rate, ISO and weighted runs created are all at career highs. If you play fantasy baseball, both Yahoo and ESPN rank him second at his position in MLB.

Chase Headly is second on the team with 1.6 WAR, despite playing in 14 fewer games and 70 less PAs than Everth. Statistically (offensively) he has been closer to 2012 Chase than 2008-2011 Chase. Power and speed are on a decline, but everything else is pretty much in line. Chase has been neutral on the basepaths, but is almost showing a statistical anomaly for how well he has been defending.

Third in WAR is Chris Denorfia at 1.3. I really need to start liking Denorfia. He is like that nice guy you meet that for some reason you don't like. I can't explain why I don't like him, as he seems like a guy that I would be like "We should hang out some time." Anyways If Kyle Blanks had the same number of PA's as 'Norf, he would have about the same WAR, but for opposite reasons. Kyle is a guy I irrationally like, the exact opposite as Denorfia.

Fourth is WAR is the NL Rookie of the year, Jedd the Great, with 1.0 WAR. Jedd seems to have a solid approach, isn't embarrassing at second, and is TTG's favorite current Padre, which should make him a shoe-in for the Trevor.

After that there is really no one else worth nominating. Nick, Kyle and Alexi make up the next three. Kyle has been the strongest offensive player this season based on wRC+ at 138, but doesn't have the PT to crack the top three in WAR.

Based on WAR, Cameron Maybin, Jesus Guzman and Mark Kotsay have been the worst so far this season.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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