Padres 6, Mariners 1: Home Runs Are Good For Business. And Business Is Good.

Return of the Jeddi - Otto Greule Jr

Home runs from Jedd Gyorko and Alexi Amarista were the recipe for success in Seattle.

1st inning

Pitcher’s Duel. 1 strikeout a piece for Edinson Volquez and whatever rookie the Mariners let stand on the mound.

2nd Inning

The Duel sorta ended. Volquez let the Mariners load the bases with no outs. Got 1 out. Alright, this is still a situation that runs could be avoided. They weren’t. A sacrifice fly scored Morse and gave the hated Mariners the first run of the game.

Mariners 1-0

3rd Inning

Nothing happened. But, stuff almost happened.

4th Inning

Stuff happened. After a Carlos Quentin single, the inning was close to ending. Unfortunately for the Mariners, Jedd Gyorko stepped up to the plate. All of a sudden, a ball was knocked into the night sky over one of the fences the Mariners moved in. Big mistake. Gyorko’s 6th home run in May gave the Padres THE LEAD.


That Morse guy from before was on base again. This time, he thought he could run all the way home from 1st on a double. Guess what? He made it. Barely. Tough break for him though because the ball got there 9 minutes earlier. Easiest tag at home ever.

5th Inning

Alexi Amarista is a beast monster. He just homered. Right before I wrote this. He knew I wanted to write it, so he did it. Deep blast to right to give the Padres a 2 run lead.


6th Inning

Yasmani Grandal got his first hit since last year. That is a looooong hitless drought. Glad he got over the hump and got himself a single. After the bases were loaded, Mark Kotsay stepped up to the plate and put the ball in centerfield and scored Yonder Alonso and Grandal to put 2 more runs on the board. Brandon Maurer, the Mariner rookie rubber toer, got replaced for Furbush. Chris Denorfia entered the game when the Padres loaded the bases again and made the ball unfieldable as he reached by error and got another Padres run on the board.


8th Inning

Edinson Volquez is still here. But, on his 105th pitch, he gave up his 4th hit of the game and Bud Black had seen enough. 7 and 2/3 innings with 3 walks and 5 strikeouts is a pretty good outing. Then, THA Pen came in. As in, THAtcher and THAyer. THA Pen. Nevermind.

9th Inning

Dale Thayer remained in the game and finished off the Mariners to seal the deal.

This game was over early and just got better as the night went on.

Padres win, happy flight, something about a cup. All of the goodness.

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