Padres Live Fan Forum Conference Call Recap


Yesterday I got an e-mail inviting me to participate in a conference call tonight with Josh Byrnes and Mike Dee. The conference call was meant as a forum for STH to ask both Dee and Byrnes questions. I was happy with the invitation as I've complained in the past that STH benefits alienate STH that can't make an in person Q&A on a random Tuesday (I live in LA)

The conference call was set up as a 30 minute session and was hosted by Mr Grant himself. I figured this would be a little like the twitter Q&A recently but maybe a little different since these were all STH. I'll start off by saying the only disappointment was that the call ended promptly at 7:00pm. I thought they may extend it a little since there was a good vibe going on but they didn't go a minute over. My other quick note is that there was a Chase Headley question, problem was I zoned out during the answer as I figured out a good question to ask and hit the *3 to get in the Que. My question had to do with assigning Ft Wayne pitchers to the CAL league or skipping high A and assigning them to S.A. I didn't get to ask my question.

On to my notes:

  • Mike Dee promised the best promotional schedule of all time. This was initiated by Mike Dee before any questions were asked.
  • Padres will wear the 1984 jerseys for the entire series against the Cubs in May. That's better than a single game!
  • Some guy asked a random question on bunting which Byrnes answered by saying we do a good job of bunting.
  • The Gregerson-Smith trade was addressed. Byrnes basically said they liked Smith and that good left-handed batters are harder to come by than relievers. Seems like a good answer to me. There was also a complaint about dumping Gregerson's salary but they said it was actually a wash, which it is projected to be.
  • Some lady gushed over Amarista. It was a little awkward.
  • There was a question about signing players out of Cuba. Byrnes addressed there is some potential there. We are currently scouting two players in Cuba.
  • An old person complained about the sound system saying louder does not equal better. Dee says we're getting a new sound system next year.
  • There were two complaints about the ushers. Sounds like they are going to address it. There was also a random complaint about not having vendors selling hot dogs in the stands. Dee seemed confused on that one, and said that wasn't on purpose.
  • Dee and Byrnes said there will be more involvement with social media. A caller asked if they could tweet Bud lineup suggestions.
  • There was a question about the Padres targeting utility players. It was a weird question and Byrnes basically said the plan is for the infield to play all 162 if healthy. However there will be some shuffling with outfield.
  • Byrnes thinks the starting pitching to take a step forward next year.

All in all I thought it was good. They said there would be more forums in the future with coaches and players. I didn't expect to get too into the baseball side of things but I can say it was fun listening to Mike Dee address some complaints and say we were in for some great promotions next year.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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