Top 5 Ways to Become Your Team’s Ultimate Fan


Being from San Diego, I can proudly say I’m a Padres fan. And, although we didn’t go far this year, there’s always next year. So, I’m already getting fired up for next season by loading my car and house up with Padre-themed gear and living the life of a true Padres-nut.

As I see it, the more effort I invest in my fandom, the better my Padres will do. Sure, it sounds like some sort of magic, voodoo juju, but if I’m right, there will be plenty of Padres strolling triumphantly over home plate in 2014. So for your enjoyment, here’s a list of the top 5 ways to become your team’s ultimate fan.

1. Pimp your ride

Now seeing I spend most of my time in the snarl of So-Cal traffic, it only made sense to upgrade my ride’s interior to show my team spirit. Within a few minutes of shopping on that internet-thingy, I found a set of Fan Mats, which I now put my feet on. They’re black in color, rubber in construction and universally sized to fit in any car without having to break out the scissors and hack away like a pre-pirate Johnny Depp. Best of all, each mat has a large and great looking Padres logo in the center. I did notice other team logos offered by this brand, so if you’re into that kind of thing, go nuts.

2. There’s an app for that

In this age of gadgets and techna-ma-boobles you’re hard-pressed to see even middle school kids in Pokemon shirts without the latest iPhone in their sticky little paws. So if you’re rocking an iPhone just like little Timmy, but think it’s a crime to play angry birds for 8+ innings, you can put your phone to better use with Baseball Radar. This nifty app is available from iTunes and lets you calculate pitch speeds from your seat. Best of all, you can put it to use it at the Padres game or little Billie’s little league game.

3. Party time, excellent!

What better way to show support for your home team by throwing a team-themed party? Picture this: you can send out baseball-shaped invitations, bake baseball-themed cookies and fry food to support those talented friars. Basically, the sky’s the limit here, so whether you’re tying up a baseball piñata or mixing up a stiff drink named after a pitch, you can’t go wrong.

4. Be prepared to celebrate, no matter what

Long ago, you could bring whatever tasty beverage you wanted to enjoy at the game, but times have changed. Now, if you want to get the bad taste of your team’s frantic whiffing out of your mouth, be prepared to fork over some serious coin for a solo cup worth of golden brew. But you can avoid those shenanigans by carrying your booze from home in a pouch that camouflages you as an American in less-than-underwear-model shape. That’s right, with the BeerBelly, you can roll into your team’s game like an alcohol-laden camel or a two-legged keg, ready to dispense nearly 7 beers worth of go-team-go juice. And, no one can tell you’re packin’ unless they pull a Pillsbury dough boy on you. Hee Hee!

5. Don’t just go to the park. GO TO THE PARK

We’re talking about taking a tour buddy. Picture yourself checking out places in the ballpark that you’ll never see from the nose-bleeds. This is all about getting down in the dugout, smelling the sweat, spilled beer, tar and tears. It’s about feeling the crunch of sunflower seed shells under your shoes and seeing the field from the same level as your favorite player.

These are just a few things I’ve done to take my support for my team to the next level. And, you can do same as well, regardless of whose banner you wave. Whether you take it as far as dressing up like Mr. Padre himself or firmly grasping your nachos after a line drive, you’re showing your support. That being said, we can all agree that watching our favorite team, win or lose, is worth the experience of simply being there to see it and that’s something we all can all cheer for. Padre Fans, what's your way to show the team spirits? Thoughts or opinions anyone?

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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