2014 BP Jerseys Revealed

Doug Pensinger

Paul Lukas and Uni Watch have given us the first look at the 2014 batting practice jerseys.

... Uni Watch has obtained a digital copy of the spring 2014 catalog that MLB's uniform outfitter, Majestic Athletic, has sent to its authorized retailers. The catalog includes the new BP jersey designs. Interestingly, the catalog wasn't leaked to Uni Watch by an inside source. It was simply posted to a publicly accessible web page by an online sportswear retailer and has been available for anyone to download for weeks now -- if you know where to look.

They're very similar to last year's Boring Padres Batting Practice jerseys (pictured above on Bud Black), but with a different side panel and some added piping on the collar and sleeves. As Lukas points out, the Padres are one of five teams who will have separate home and away jerseys. Both jerseys are navy blue, one with gray accents and one with sand accents. I'm not sure why they continue using the sand as the main accent color on the BP jerseys if they insist on keeping it to a minimal presence on the regular season game jerseys.

Anyway, if Lukas were to rank these BP jerseys, there is no doubt the Padres would be at the very bottom of that list, like they were for both his 2012 and 2013 Uni Watch Power Rankings. Both the home and away BP jerseys are unsurprisingly uninspired, bland, and predictable (Padres? More like BLAH-dres amirite?).

Here are examples of teams who are doing it better than San Diego:

  • The Brewers won't have separate home and away jerseys, but they will have a throwback-style alternate jersey featuring their old yellow and blue colors and mitt logo. Oh, how I'd love a Padres throwback BP jersey in brown and gold.
  • Seven teams are going with two-toned jerseys with different colors on the front and back. I can't decide how I feel about these. I think I like them, but I don't know if I'll feel the same when I see players actually wearing them.
  • The Astros jerseys will have an ombré-style side panel. They had this on their BP jerseys in 2013 and I'm glad they're bringing it back. I'm a fan.
  • I really really like the Reds' alternate jersey. I think it's because they remind me a lot of these SDSU jerseys that I love.

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