I Went to the Game: 9/29/12 Edition



I went to the game, everybody. It was cool. Again, the weather wasn't, but the game itself - extremely my sh*t. I went to the game yesterday, too, but it sucked so lets not talk about that, okay.

I got there early because it's a giveaway Saturday that I usually miss, as you do, because got dang if I need myself a giveaway t-shirt. Let's just take a moment to appreciate that the tshirt giveaways for this season have actually made it into my laundry rotation solely for the simple fact that they do not include too many prominent sponsor logos. Thanks for taking a backseat, Toyota, Sycuan, and the rest. It's made me think you are cool.

Guess where I went before the game. Go on, guess. Two, three, four... WRONG. I went to Dragon's Den. You never would have guessed. Also, guess what. They have a Game Day menu. Order some sh&t off this. I swear it's good. Suck it down with a Racer 5 IPA, you won't regret it.

I went into the game just as Hunter "Big Eye IPA" Pence hit that three run homer. What a jerk.

Why (i know it's supposed to be "while" but I dont even care) I was entering, I noticed that good friend and sexy male friend @matthewverygood aka matthewverygood was at the game. My plan was to kiss him on his pretty cheek. He told me where he was sitting and I told him I'd creep on him, which I did, then I sat with him and his guest @rjsfro aka SDPads_1.

Let me just say, MVG's seats out in LF are p great. You don't know how many times I evoked the spirit of Harry the Heckler at X Nady. You. Don't. Even. KNOW. There were puns that were several hundred Kelvin in magnitude, just burning him throughout several innings. He probs thought I was H the H before he turned around to see that I was pointing directly at him in an accusatory manner.... again, inning after inning.

Here's the thing about sitting in LF, in MVG's seats, that are in Row 1 of Section 132: on a hot-ass day/night like this one; the homers go flying out. And that's just what the Friar did. I mean, did you not watch this game? Boom goes the em effing digh know might.

Then... THEN... MVG tells me "Let's go to Neil the Beerman's. It'll be cool." I'm like... okay, but I have by doubts. (again, use of 'by' instead of 'my' is ironic). We arrive there and there's like weird Other People there from Other Padres Blogs and I'm tellin' MVG "it's a TRAP". He confessed that, indeed, it was. But you know who was cool that was there? darklighter, @crazycharisma, @eastbasysd, @bcline760, etc.

If you didn't get named there then you prob suck. J/K.

Hey, guess what. We won the game aftter that. I kissed MVG and RJ's Fro on the cheek when we sealed the victory b/c they are cute men and it was appropriate. I hope you do the same.

See you tomorrow.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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