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Padres fans boo Adrian Gonzalez in his first at bat as a Dodger in Petco Park

Contrary to what Magic Johnson would have you believe, Padres fans know a Dodger when they see one. Adrian Gonzalez stepped into the batters box and Padres Fan boos drowned out the Dodger Fans in the crowd.

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Adrian thinks the Dodgers should have won

Adrian Gonzalez told Barry Bloom of that he'd rather be on a team 4.5 games out of a second wild card spot with little chance of making the playoffs than playing for his home town team that soundly beat his current team.

At least that's what I took from this quote:

"You always have to look at the optimist's point of view. We have to focus on this year. We still have a chance. Just the fact that I've been in the middle of a playoff race, there's something to be said for that. Better to be in this situation than the teams that are out of it."

Adrian thinks the Dodgers should have beaten the Padres, but he also thought the Boston Red Sox were going to go deep into the playoffs the last two years.

"Playing back here was fine," he said. "It's sour right now because we should have won the game. But it was great for me to be back and have that experience."

Adrian assumes that Padres fans are too dumb to understand the complexities of baseball transactions apparently.

"I have to answer that question a lot when I'm around here. 'Why did you leave?' I say, 'Well, I didn't leave. I was traded.' I understand. People don't understand a lot about the baseball logistics. That's just my answer. I go straight out that I didn't leave.

What he doesn't understand is that we understand that he wanted to leave San Diego all along.


Adrian becomes irritated when asked why he left SD

Padres fans booed Adrian Gonzalez and the San Gabriel Valley Tribune was listening:

When Gonzalez came to the plate in the first inning, the reception was more lukewarm, a mix of boos and cheers from a typically small crowd.

Many of those cheers came from Dodgers fans.

It didn't bother Adrian though or so he says, but notice how quickly he changes the subject to tacos.

But Gonzalez said that the reception didn't matter to him. San Diego is still home, literally, and he spent the Dodgers' off day Monday with his wife and daughter.

"We went down to Chula Vista," he said. "Had some really good tacos."

Take note, if you ever see Adrian around town the best way to get under his skin is to ask him why he greedily left San Diego.

"I was traded. I was never offered a contract. Would you accept an offer that was never offered?"

It's a fair question, but probably a dissatisfying one for Padres fans, whose boos seem to cast Gonzalez as a greedy scapegoat in the divorce with San Diego.

Fair or not, it's a reception he may come to expect here.

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