The Cable TV Situation and New Ownership

Hey guys!

Its been a while since I have contributed to the blog in any way, which is unfortunate, however I am now married, and settled down and ready to contribute more. I've been lurking here and there and following the Padres via attendance at games, twitter and reading articles. What I have not been doing is watching games on TV. As much as I love the Padres, finding a near daily location to watch the Padres and not purchase overpriced food and beverage is pretty much impossible. This process is necessary because I live in the TWC zone, just barely. The last couple months I have realized exactly why Time Warner Cable are being such bullish d*ckbags about this Fox Sports San Diego deal...

Call me a shitty fan, but I have come to the full realization that I am OK with my current Padres exposure. I look at box scores on TV, watch some highlights, catch a game a month, and chat people up on twitter. I am good. That is not to say that, if the Padres were on TV, I wouldn't immediately create room in my monthly budget to get a basic cable package. However, I don't need it; I am ok as is. If something absolutely amazing happens, I catch the highlights on

However! I know the Padres are getting better, and may be poised to kick some serious ass next season, I will not tolerate "No Padres" next season. In 2010, for example, I needed this shit. I either caught the games on TV at my parents or I tortured my then girlfriend with spending all of my discretionary income buying excellent beer and crappy food at RJ's, Seau's, or McGregors so I could watch the Padres live. I went to at least 1 game every homestand.

I love the Padres and will follow them through anything. However my current "satisfaction" with current exposure with the Padres will not last long.

But Time Warner knows it can hold off, and possibly get a more amicable deal, while fans like me are "satisfied" with not seeing the Padres on TV. In 2010 I would have kidnapped an executives daughter to be sure I had access to the Padres on TV.

For the new owners to make their $800 Million back, they will need FULL tv in San Diego County... and will probably need to make sure it gets into Vegas and other markets.

New owners,

Here is what I, loyal fan would like on my first wishlist:

1) Get. The. Got. Damn. Padres. on TV. I can barely tolerate the situation as it is. I have discretionary income to spend on this product. Give me Padres on TV. It may inspire me to make it to more games.

2) Use the bio-mechanics lab at Children's Hospital to attempt to evaluate injuries and minimize them. The injuries have been depressing.

3) Bring back the brown. I'll buy lots of merch.

They say "out of sight out of mind" have to find a way to make this situation work.

Love MDX.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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