Padres Prospects Among John Sickels's Updated Top 120

"Just go ahead and take me off that list. I think I'm going to stick around up here."

John Sickels is an authority on all things prospects and Minor Leagues; some would say he's the authority on such things. Either way, one can put together a sentence with some combination of the words 'John', 'Sickels', and 'authority' and nobody's gonna call B.S. on you. I'm so confident in this that I just did it twice. As you may recall, Sickels published his Top 120 Prospects for 2012 list back around the time pitchers and catchers were reporting. He followed up on it Monday with his Midseason Revisions list. Among the changes included in the revised list was the removal of players who meet or should soon meet rookie qualifications so Yonder Alonso is off the list- he was ranked 28 on the original.

Nine players from the Padres organization were included on Sickels's first list; only six are on his update. Aside from the aforementioned Alonso, three fell off the list in the other direction. Bumped down from the Top 120 to "considered" status were Keyvius Sampson (previously ranked 82), Cory Spangenberg (111), and Casey Kelly (112). Previously unranked Austin Hedges made the jump up to 110.

Speaking of the jump, that's what a list of all the Padres prospects on Sickels's revised edition is after.

Still there? Cool, I was hoping you would be. I totally have that list I told you I'd have. Glance down; I'll wait a second. See, it's there. I wouldn't lie to you. Actually, I'm a little upset you doubted me but I'll let it slide this time. Y'know, because I love you.

23) Yasmani Grandal, C (previously ranked 42)

50) Jedd Gyorko, 3B/ 2B (50)

52) Rymer Liriano, OF (54)

102) Robbie Erlin, P (79)

103) Joe Wieland, P (81)

110) Austin Hedges, C (NR)

"Considered for the list": Casey Kelly, P; Jace Peterson, SS; Donn Roach, P; Joe Ross, P; Keyvius Sampson, P; Cory Spangenberg, 2B

Grandal's offensive reign of terror at the Major League level didn't play into his ranking as Sickels was reformulating this before he was called up. He'll be ineligible for the next edition of the list which will be created in August in order to include this year's picks and new signings. Jedd will likely take the organization's top spot unless he gets the call and goes on a tear that triggers the assumption that he'll stay there.

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