Gaslamp Ball continues to grow. More names on the masthead.

Dear Gaslamp Ballers,

I never got around to it, but I probably should. We've added to the masthead again in anticipation of the next iteration of Gaslamp Ball and SB Nation. Some of you maybe don't care, but if you do...

First off, I never actually properly welcomed TTG to the masthead. If you've been around Gaslamp Ball for a while, you may know him as The Third Gonzalez or The Third Gwynn or The Thin Gwynn or "That Guy With The Baseball Cards" or "The Dude With The Gaslamp Ball Tattoo". In any case, TTG is a key piece of the Gaslamp Ball collective personality so we're happy to have him on covering various trivia, checking in on our amazing minor league teams and letting us peek at his baseball card collection.

Second off, we finally retired Uncommon Sportsman and the person who was responsible for keeping it alive as long as it did was Axion and now Axion has joined the masthead here. He's done a preview interview and we're hoping to send him out to stalk other people for various info and interviews so we don't get the sneaking suspicion that he's stalking us all the time.

Finally, we know that you all read other Padres blogs and one of the ones that we've been keeping up with is Chicken Friars. Recently, Justin Hunter, who had been the lead on that blog for a while has expanded his role with Fansided and is handling their general baseball site. Since he didn't want to completely leave covering the Padres, he's also joined the masthead here and will be doing proper series previews for us (while we figure out if there's some sort of conflict of interest because we don't know how that sort of thing works). In any case, if you've missed his Padres writing, well you know where to find it now.

OK. If you need us, jbox and I will be relaxing at the beach, sipping virgin margaritas.

Go Padres!

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