When the San Diego Reader says Yonder Alonso is a Doubles Machine, then by golly...

"The one thing that truly makes me happy? Doubles. The only other thing that comes close? Seeing Walt on Breaking Bad do something bad ass."

If there are two publications that I read semi-regularly that I don't really expect much sports coverage from, it's the San Diego Reader and the San Diego Citybeat. For the most part, I expect to see high school sports and maybe horse racing covered in the Reader, competitive trivia nights covered in the Citybeat and various reasons as to why tax payer dollars should not fund stadiums in both publications. Neither publication has a true "sports" section, though I enjoy reading the sportsy stuff they both do cover.

That being said...

When the Reader comes out and starts pointing out remarkable facts about Doubles Machine Yonder Alonso, then you know it's remarkable. Because it's not high school sports or horse racing, but like, baseball... And it's a baseball player who plays in a partially publicly financed stadium... And it's the Padres... And it's good news.

The Doubles Machine Yonder Alonso had another multi-double game yesterday, beating the club record in a season with 7... in July. This leaves him at 22 doubles overall for the season.

The record for most doubles in a season by a rookie is 52, held by Johnny Frederick and has held since 1929. Depending on how you jigger the numbers, Yonder Alonso is on pace for around 40 doubles total, but I think he should go for more. Start legging out singles. When the occasional home run happens, refuse to continue on the basepaths. The groundscrew could help out... Harden up the warning track. In fact, make the warning track extend out another 10 feet in to increase bounce out possibilities. Tighten up the foul territory.


The Doubles Machine Yonder Alonso

#23 / First Base / San Diego Padres





Apr 08, 1987

Still roots for: The Cincinnati Reds apparently.

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