Minor Trade Deadline Rant Sesh

"The best guess right now has the Padres keeping Carlos Quentin and trading Chase Headley. Rosenthal says it's simple supply-and-demand; as many as ten teams have shown interest in the third baseman Headley. The team isn't sure they can get more for Quentin in a trade than they would by letting him walk as a free agent and recouping draft picks after the season."


I don't like this at all, really. Headley is young, controllable, and (most importantly) affordable. He does not have the off-field issues like Latos, and really does enjoy his role on the team. But that is tangential to this.

This is about the future Padres. Quentin is an INJURY RISK (is it really a risk when it's already happened?), and should not be the person that the team builds around for the future. Sure, him and I did go to the same high school (obviously different years) and I get that this is his hometown, but if we keep him he's going to want Willingham/C Grade Outfielder-esque money and that would be such a waste for ~80-100 games a year.

Headley, on the other hand, has undisputedly performed well as a member of the team, and has a very good injury history. He is exactly the type of player that a team could build around, and with how this ownership is coming around financially, he may well be that player. It would be a shame if the current "trade for picks" leitmotif continued with who is arguably the best position player the franchise has.

Now I know, the Gyorko/Darnell factor. But the fact is that right now Gyorko has been doing some work as a 2B, and I think that's the right idea. If he can come up at 2B, the team can see if he can "cut it" in the majors, and we can move on from there. Same goes with fitting in Darnell at some goober position, like 1B. People on the internet can blow them until kingdom come, but if they end up as AAAA players I don't want to see Padre fans holding the bag. Again.

tl;dr The Padres should trade Quentin now, and maybe think of another outfielder in the offseason. Slot the rookies into the game, and find out if they can hit major league pitching. If they do, it's not like Headley cannot be traded next year. I'd rather have the team lose one or two prospects from one less year of control than get rid of him in favor of what are essentially untested replacements.

/me talking

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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