Sisterhood of the Traveling Hat: Getting Hitched (Preview)

When the Sisterhood of the Travelling Jersey was first conceived, I jumped at the opportunity, signing up with the perfect plan: Take it with me as I get married and head to my honeymoon. Is there a better angle for a jersey travelling around the world experiencing the sublime moments in the lives of #Padres fans?

Alas, I was informed this week that the VERY SENSITIVE schedules of our Euro-Chapter bumped me from the calendar. My plans of wearing the jersey / taking pictures with it during my bachelor party, wedding dance time, and to the Island of Kauai have been lambasted.

I mulled for some time saddened that my cool angle was to die forever.

After slowly drinking myself into a saddened stupor, I rose from the fetal position with an idea. A wonderful idea. A wonderfully awesome a idea.

What is the Sisterhood of the Travelling Jersey? A magically imbued jersey that brings magical happiness to the wearer like a magical unicorn that farts magical butterflies? Or is it something more?

Ultimately the SotTJ is just a symbol. It is a symbol of a greater thing this blog is promoting.

The SotTJ is just the physical embodiment of the Happiness Project.

It brings happiness because with it you can think of your team fondly as the jersey spends time with the most important people of any sports franchise. The Fans.

Therefore I have decided to start the Sisterhood of the Traveling Hat. The story goes like this:

Rewind to August 2010. For years the only hat I would wear was my 1984 replica Padres hat. It was yellow, it was brown, and it delicious. Up 7 games in the NL West, I bought a new style "official" Padres team hat. I Christened the hat by taking it to the first game of that Phillies series that started the 10 game losing streak.

This hat is cursed.

I will be attending the Padres Day Game Thursday afternoon. I will be wearing the hat. It is phase 1 of my bachelor party. (All phases will be G rated as my 10 y/o nephew is my best man.) I will probably be alone because most of my friends cannot get the time off. But I have always wanted to go to a day game, and I could not think of a better time to go. (I am not very creative).

I will be in section 230. *Come by and say hi.* I will bring the hat with me and take pictures with the hat. I am hoping that exposing the hat to happiness and joy will imbue the hat with fun and break its curse.

BONUS: I will send the hat to anyone who plans on being joyful. Take pictures and fanpost on the experience. At the end of the season, I will consider the curse broken and the evil spirits washed away.

If no one else wants to partake, then consider this a one time spin-off of Sisterhood of the Travelling Jersey / Happiness project.

I wish you all happiness for this season!


This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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