Padres trade Ernesto Frieri to Angels for 2B, Alexi Amarista and RP/SP, Donn Roach

Good baseball face on this one. Strong eyes. Straight teeth. Perfectly groomed facial hair. He's a good one.

The Padres don't have many positions of big league depth. They have lots of organizational depth at a few positions now, but I don't think anybody's kidding themselves into thinking we're 2 or 3 big leaguers deep anywhere...

Except bullpen.

As I noted in the Brewers/Padres series preview, the Padres have a deep bullpen. WAR notwithstanding, our most tradeworthy pieces are in the bullpen, as it has been since the beginning and as it shall be through the end of time (Towers 19:84).

So what to do when your middle infield is spotty and overpaid and your starters are dropping like flies? Apparently, you move Big Ern, Ernesto Frieri, The Human Drum Machine to your neighbors up the 5 and get back a guy who's juuuuuuust about ready to make the jump to Big League Utility Man and another guy who will provide a much needed arm at the lower end of the system, since all of the arms in your farm system seem like they're falling off.

For that, I like the trade well enough. Also, I never really warmed up to Ernesto Frieri as much as others had. I liked his beat box ability though.

So let's get to know our new guys, shall we?

Alexi Amarista

Los Angeles Angels

5-8 (in heels)

150 (soaking wet)

Apr 06, 1989

Spunky: Like a drunk monkey

I joke about Alexi Amarista's size because I too am a little man. Amarista was considered a top prospect for the Angels, but may have been blocked or may not have had enough bat to warrant being an every day player. Baseball Prospectus says he has enough arm for short stop though so we may see him sooner rather than later as depth behind Everth Cabrera if the Jason Bartlett era is over for the Padres.

Donn Roach

Los Angeles Angels



Dec 14, 1989

Flying: Under the radar

According to John Sickels, Roach has the ability to start, but has been stuck in Angel's Minor League Bullpen Hell. Nevertheless, Sickels sees him as a breakout candidate this season. Roach will likely join the Elsinore Storm where we all hope he will light it up for us.

So what do you guys think? Some discussion already. I'm guessing Amarista sees big league time sooner rather than later along with E-Cab and that this spells the end of Jason Bartlett in San Diego.

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