Padres lose a pitching duel to the Nationals, 3-1

"...And then the clapping started and the tempo swelled... And then Will Venable danced the Pasodoble with the Magic Flying Baseball in a way that San Diego had never before seen in over a hundred years of amazing Pasodoble performances..."

Final - 4.24.2012 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Washington Nationals 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 3 4 1
San Diego Padres 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 5 2
WP: Gio Gonzalez (2 - 0)
SV: Henry Rodriguez (5)
LP: Clayton Richard (1 - 2)

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And the winning streak ends at two.

Clayton Richard looked strong, but eventually succumbed to the pressure that is the first place Washington Nationals. But then again, with as much as Clayton Richard works out, he probably will always at least look strong.

Bud Black got tossed in this one after pulling a nice little move after Clayton got a balk call by home plate umpire, Lance Barrett. Buddy called for a mound conference with his infield and just kinda hung out there muttering stuff like, "Let this dude come and break this up."

Then, when Barrett broke up the mound conference and quickly tried to walk back to his hiding place behind home plate, Buddy followed closely behind. First Buddy innocently asked, "Hey Barrett? What were you eating under there?" To which Barrett replied, "I won't fall for it, Bud. I wasn't eating underwear." Unperturbed, Buddy replied, "Oh? Was it horse c_ck then, Barrett? Were you eating a horse c_ck?" And then Buddy got tossed.

Note: I'm not a very good lip reader, but that's what I kinda picked up from the conversation.

In the face of losing their fearless leader, the Padres attempted to rally, but were unable to, in what ended up being a thoroughly anti-climactic pitching duel.

Things I learned:

  • When left to their own devices, we should not be surprised at the variety of ways the Padres are willing to play bad defense.
  • When Bud Black got tossed, he was so not animated and the toss seemed to come so out of nowhere, that I'm really pretty sure he mentioned "horse c_ck" at least a couple of times.
  • Chris Denorfia will dive at balls that bounce once in front of him.
  • I love watching a pitching duel, right up until the point that the other team scores a couple of runs. Once the other team scores a couple of runs, I promptly fall asleep on the couch.

Roll after the jump...

Axion had it in his head that he would not let tonoxtono outcomment him, but in the end tonoxtono had 91 and Axion had 90. Granted, I kinda fell asleep and took roll late.

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