Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey: Welcome to Mexico

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey is a Gaslamp Ball community project that will chronicle the 2012 Padres season through the lives of their greatest fans and an old jersey.

Now, I know this post is way overdue and I apologize to all you Gaslamp Ballers. Seeing as I’m a noob to the blog I hope this doesn’t make me look bad. But I just couldn’t muster the spirit to write this. The season has had so many bizarre and unfortunate things happen in the first week…it felt lost. Another reason is also because I don’t have all the pictures from the trip. They were dispersed among three cameras…like the Tri-Force. But todays win has my juices flowing, in so many ways, so here goes:



The following day we went into the artsy part of Mexico City known as Coyoacan (Co-yo-ah-khan). The food was awesome! Check.



Anyway we stopped at the former house of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera which is a museum now and look who I ran into:



I can’t remember much aside from that from the first couple of days... and that’s only because I can reference the pictures.

So then we decided to take a six hour bus ride to Oaxaca, south east of the city. Fastest six hours of my life! Felt like three. We watched Megamind in Spanish (hilarious), some chick flick I can’t remember. It had something to do with a geeky girl who turned "hot" but then her brother is engaged to some girl who used to pick on her in high school and they do catty stuff but then they become friends. Anybody? Anyway, they also showed Dear John (caca).

Oaxaca: Beautiful town man, I tell ya. So many colors but it is small and I would probably go crazy there after a week.


Bad luck struck on arrival. The hostel we were supposed to stay at didn’t respect our reservation for whatever reason so we were stranded with luggage and nowhere to stay. I was pissed but kept my composure due to the women we were traveling with being calm about the situation. I threw Staton on because it was slightly windy (on my small frame, that thing felt cozy warm; Use #1). I’m not saying it was the jersey, but about 5minutes later, one of our friends came up and said they found a hostel two blocks from the main square of the city and for $2 less a night. Wlah. Really bad situation turned good in a hurry. We had hit up a few hostels nearby but those were all booked and the hotels were pricey. Not to mention when we asked the lady at the hostel we had originally made reservations at to suggest a place, she blew us off. Total bitch.

The city was cool; we had a few drinks, chatted up with locals and said a prayer for our Friars.


Oh and they have a legit pro baseball team! Los Guerreros (the Warriors) de Oaxaca. We went to the cities museum and they had an exhibit of the team.


On our way out of the city we saw their stadium but didn’t get a chance to check it out. We were hoping to catch the team playing at home but they had an away series that week. Shame. Would have been awesome. What’s Quilvio doing these days?

Then came the day we left to the beaches. The drive was another six hours. This time, no bus. No movies. No reclining seats. It was a van. Packed with 12 people. Through tiny, winding roads. Thousands of feet off sea level.

MAZUNTE: I would tell you how horrible that trip was but the one back to the city it way worse so I’ll save it. The beach city here is free of tourist and the beaches are essentially private. The coolest part about the trip here was that we stayed on one of the highest beach points in the area, at the edge of a plateau in tents! The hostel rented out tents for the night. The bad thing was that sleeping in was impossible. By 8am, it got to about 90 degrees inside the damn thing. I didn’t take many pictures with Staton here because it was too damn hot to be carrying stuff around. And I didn’t want it getting all sweaty (you’re welcome future sisters).


The day we headed back to the city, we went to La Ventanilla (ven-tah-knee-ah) in the morning, which is kind of like a zoo. Except the animals were roaming freely. Deer, monkeys, anteaters, oh yeah and crocodiles. We got on a little paddle boat and went through crocodile infested waters. I was scared to move an inch because it kept rocking back and forth. A family was riding with us and the kids kept going from one side to the other so they could get 3ft closer to look at the damn crocs. They were either unaware of crocodiles having sharp teeth or just didn’t give a shit. Here Tucks says, "Let me get the Staton jersey bro." I thought he wanted a picture. Instead:

Use #2


Throughout the place there were signs that read "Caution: Crocodile zone". There were no fences keeping them in. People would literally stand less than 10ft from a croc to take pictures of it.

That day we took that dreaded van six hours back to the city of Oaxaca around 330pm. Fucking driver was zooming through the turns and every time he tried to overlap a car, I swear I thought we would hit an oncoming car head on and tumble into oblivion. We got to the city around 10pm got a bite and got on a bus at 1215am to take us back to Mexico City.

MEXICO CITY: We arrived back at 7am. Tucks and I ventured back to the hostel we had originally stayed at but the rooms were booked. We were exhausted and had nowhere to leave our stuff or get some sleep. Once again, I threw Staton on to keep a little warm and around 745am we found a hostel with a room available! Coincidence that happened twice or…

When I was getting out of the cab, I left my backpack with some of my clothes (I packed lightly for the short trip to Oaxaca) in the back seat. I signaled to the driver to open the door so I can get my stuff and he ignored me and took off! Luckily I had taken the jersey out and put it on before the incident.

We visited Plaza de las Tres Culturas that evening to visit a memorial where, in the 60’s, the president green lighted snipers to open fire on protesters. It was a blood bath covered up by the media for a very long time. On our way there, we ran into some kids playing a pick-up game. Tucks and I joined for about 30mins. The kids were really nice a decided to pose for a team photo


Afterward, Tucks and I had a long night of vices that day to celebrate almost making this a successful trip…or celebrating the fact we were still alive. THAT was a bad idea because we had to get up early for game day in 3 hours

ESTADIO UNIVERSITARIO: Our beloved Pumas were playing Pachuca. This was the first time I’ve ever seen them play. They our known for having the most passionate and routiest fan base in Mexico. Mostly due to them being college students that attend the University (UNAM) where the team’s soccer pitch is located. I read they have over 200k enrolled in the school. WTF! (Side note: that What the Fuck song was a reoccurring theme in our trip. I had never heard it before going on this trip. I swear I heard the damn song in the most random places in Mexico. Like at swap meets and what not. And the swap meets are like parties! Cheap beers in Liter sized cups and hallways with people hanging out and dancing. Super weird, but very awesome.)

We get on the metro at 10am (kickoff is at 12pm and the stadium is 20mins away) and we hear music coming from a few cars back. So at each stop we make our way out of one car and into another and the music kept getting louder. (The metro car doors are unforgiving. They stay open for 7 seconds them shut quickly. If you get caught in the door it doesn’t open for you. The people in the car either push you out or help pull you in. It’s brutal.) We got to the back and it’s like 25 pumas fans with instruments, singing songs, hanging on the rails and jumping up and down. It was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen! There was even a cop standing there, I’m assuming in case a Pachuca fan got the balls to jump into that car.

At the gates, fans were not allowed to bring belts! You had to check it in at a stand and pick it up after the game. When we got to our seats err cement benches, the atmosphere was awesome. Everyone stood the whole game and the singing never stopped. They were already eliminated from the playoffs and fans were going about it as if it were a must win game. Even when we went down 1-0 late in the game (eventually losing by that score) the fans were singing "Como no te voy a querer" (how am I not going to love you) at the top of their lungs! "Yes my heart is blue and my skin is gold, how can I not love you". That’s fucking passion man! That’s what a fan base is all about. Live and die with a team, through good and bad. Dislike an owner, or a player, or even a coach, but you have to stay true to the team man. Pick one another up when times get tough.

On that note, chin-up everyone. It has been a shitty start to the season but we knew times were going to be hard for a little bit. Maybe not this hard, but still. That’s why we follow this blog right? We keep each other close when times get tough. Hopefully this jersey can be something we all can latch onto as a bright spot for the rest of the season.


The Clergy stays strong.


This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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