Jason Marquis signing is Fresh!

Denis Poroy

The general consensus around the internet is the Jason Marquis signing was good for the Padres.

Back by popular demand, yo.

As I mentioned earlier in the week the signing of Jason Marquis by the Padres is dull beyond words and unfortunately necessary. This signing is like a boring documentary about a story that needed to be told.


Regardless of the lack of the excitement surrounding the signing it still got decent reviews. With an 82% fresh rating it's on par with movies like Gattaca, Super 8, A League of Their Own and Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Apologies to RottenTomatoes.com

Here's what the media and bloggers think of the signing:

Fresh_mediumTwitter / RJsFro
The Marquis signing is def a good move. Mainly for the mustache, but also for his arm. Get as much depth as possible here.

Fresh_mediumBob Scanlan | Facebook
Hard nosed competitor that could help himself and team with arm and solid fielding and ability at plate. Happy to see him return, and hope he can contribute for full season. I was skeptical of what he had left when he first joined Pads last year. But after watching him and being around him I developed a respect for his competitiveness that showed up on field, and influenced young players around him. I thought he might go elsewhere for more $'s, or a 2-year deal, but for Pads to bring back for a 1-year deal I think this is a good sign.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / Marc_Normandin
I'm fine with another go of Jason Marquis at Petco. Padres have some rotation holes to fill until the injured return.

Rotten_mediumPadres bring back Jason Marquis for 2013 | The Outside Corner
I'm well aware that the Padres rotation isn't great at all, but I would have rather rolled the dice with a recently nontendered younger player like Jair Jurrjens, Jeff Karstens, or even John Lannan than bringing back an older retread like Marquis.

Fresh_mediumPadres Agree To Terms With Jason Marquis - Chicken Friars
Most fans might scoff at the resigning of Marquis, but I believe it is a solid deal. Marquis will never win a Cy Young, but he is capable of eating innings. His strikeout rate last year was also encouraging, albeit in a very small sample size.

Fresh_mediumRant Sports: San Diego Padres agree to deal with Jason Marquis
Marquis is not a bad pitcher. He will help a young Padres rotation and more than likely will be the No. 3 starter.

Fresh_medium San Diego Padres Keep Jason Marquis and Look Positively Towards 2013 | Bleacher Report
Competing will be no easy task for the Padres. But as they are demonstrating by not dismantling the team and re-signing players like Marquis, San Diego is not conceding anything to anyone.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / woedoctor:
I've given it a lot of thought & while I'm generally nonplussed about the Marquis signing - they need starting pitching

Fresh_mediumTwitter / DerekNBCSD:
#Padres re-signed pitcher Jason Marquis for 1-year. Before getting hurt on a comebacker, Marquis was 6-7 and ate 93.2 innings. #GoodSigning

Rotten_mediumTwitter / colleen_teresa
"@ESPN_MLB: San Diego Padres, Jason Marquis close to one-year deal, source says http://es.pn/Txw3ll " No thanks

Fresh_mediumTwitter / thesacbunt
I'm down with the Marquis signing because that guy is something like a lucky playoffs rabbit's foot.

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