Friar Friday Merch #8


This was a birthday present this year from a friend. Now, seeing as though I'm a burly manly man, I usually don't exchange presents with my friends. But if I happen to see something awesome and someone has a birthday coming up I'll go ahead and grab it. My burly manly man friends seem to do the same. I think my buddy said he got this at a garage sale of all places. When he handed it to me I remained somewhat stoic, although I was jumping for joy on the inside. It's much more important to remain manly than tell a friend you appreciate his gift. Man facts.

This is a Sounds of Success Music of a Winning Season album. Vinyl. Very cool. It's in pretty damn good condition considering it's 28 years old. A *little* bit of mashing on the corners, but not too bad at all. It also came shrink wrapped, but I'm not too sure if that's the original wrap or not.


This album was made for 1984 championship season. There's some small text on the reverse cover saying that the "net proceeds from the sale of this album benefit the San Diego Chapter of the American Diabetes Association" which is awesome to know that it wasn't made just as a cash grab. I also like this text also on the back of the album: "Additional copies of this album may be obtained from: KFMB Radio, 7677 Engineer Road, San Diego, California 92111, (619) 292-7600" Amazingly enough, that address and phone number (858 area code now) are still the correct contact info for 760 KFMB. I dare someone to actually call and order a 28 year old album.

A bit of a sidetrack here. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon RJ's Fro's merch blog. It's awesome. I'm a bit bummed I didn't come up with this idea myself as I had thought. I'm super excited though, as he has some stuff I haven't seen before. My album on the front says "collectors edition" and I went to see RJ's Fro's post regarding the subject to see if mine was any different than his. It's not. I suspect they are all "collectors editions".

Side One
Talkin’ Baseball by Terry Cashman
Thunderin’ Lumber by Steve Vaus
Doin’ The Goose by Glenn Erath-Hudson & Bauer Singers
The Garv by KFMB’s Hudson & Bauer
Talkin’ Number One by Steve Vaus
Padres Win Again by Eric Show

Side Two
Hey Pads by Glenn Erath-Hudson & Bauer Singers with Steve Horn
The Garv by KFMB’s Hudson & Bauer
Steve Garvey National Anthem by Steve Vaus
Tiger Safari by Glenn Erath & Steve Horn
The Committee by Steve Vaus
We Are Still The Champions by Glenn Erath & Karen McDermott
Dreams Can Come True…Ode to Ray by Mutimer & Friends

Well, I decided to open it up for the first time. That might have actually been the original shrink wrap. The vinyl inside looks perfect. Still has the inside sleeve. Awesome. The sad part is that I don't have a record player. I should get a player as I have a few more albums I've collected but never enjoyed. It's mostly a matter of space when I consider buying one. On RJ Fro's blog there were a few people saying they were going to make digital copies....I hope they did.




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