Padres batting order in 2012. An offense? or an O-ffense?

In another thread I started about what our starting line up might actually be able to do at the plate... and it's still several months until opening day.

So, likely starters:

Catcher: Hundley

1B: Alonso/Guzman?

2B: Hudson/PTBNL?

3B: Headley

SS: Bartlett/PTBNL?

RF: Venable

CF: Maybin

LF: Quentin

Based on last year's performance, Hundley, Headley, Maybin are locks. Those three each met or surpassed expectations on the field and at the plate. However, for the rest of this post, there will be no mention of fielding. We are building a batting order. Adding to the above names, Guzman looked really good at the plate: ~.850 OPS However, he doesn't really have a position considering the presence of Alonso/Rizzo/Blanks/Quentin on the team, although maybe he will out compete them all.

The two poorest players on the above list of Hudson and Bartlett, and I could see a situation emerging where we trade our surplus LF/1B for a SS or 2B player/prospect who wins a starting job in spring training.

With that being said, here's my batting order with Stolen Bases in parenthesis:

  1. Maybin (40)
  2. Venable (26)
  3. Headley (13)
  4. Quentin (1)
  5. Hundley (1)
  6. Alonso/Guzman (0/9 Guz)
  7. Hudson (19)
  8. Bartlett (23)

That doesn't look horrible... If Maybin and Venable grow a bit at the plate, and if Headley/Quentin/Hundley/Guzman have years somewhat close to their 2011 years, this could be a nice offense (for the Padres). I have Quentin listed as 4th, but I could see him batting 6th, with Hundley or Alonso/Guzman in the clean up position, depending on who is having the better year. I feel with our speed at the top of the order, we would probably be best served if our clean up hitter has a high OBP or a high contact rate... which Quentin seems to do well at (lots of fly balls and HBP).

Additionally, this team can run. Guzman had 9 bags last year. I didn't realize that. Maybin will probably try to surpass last year's total. So will Venable/Denorfia, assuming they platoon in right. Our only real holes are at 2B and SS, although one never knows how a new player will do in PETCO.

Anyone else? Thoughts on our batting order?

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