More debate about Petco Park's fences

SAN DIEGO, CA - APRIL 5: A general view of Petco Park during the San Francisco Giants vs. the San Diego Padres MLB Game at Petco Park on April 5, 2011 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

I love to hear comments from the Padres that they are considering moving in Petco Park's fences.  It always ignites a good argument between passionate, yet diametrically opposed fans.  No wonder it was #2 on our list of the Top 5 Most Polarizing Topics for Padres fans

Bud Black opened the proverbial can of worms with this comment yesterday

"I just think there's room to talk about it in our park."

and this:

"I do think we can discuss doing some things to maybe make this a little more balanced."

I'm in favor of trying anything and everything that will increase the amount of offensive excitement at the park.  Whether, it's better hitters, a harder infield, a dehumidifier, a smaller field, soggy gaps, corked bats, steroids, a rigged scoreboard... anything.  Try them all and keep trying until you find something that works, that's what I say.

I like base hits, home runs, base stealing, scoring, lead changes and just about any other action that puts the ball in play, runners in motion and fans in the seats. 

You might be one of those saying "No one was complaining last year about the park when the Padres won 90 games."  It's true for the most part, but how many times in the past 43 years have the Padres fielded a team good enough to win 90 games? Three?  And still their offense at home was a topic of discussion.

The only part that's really fun right now is watching guys like Albert Pujols get super pissed when they crush a ball and it doesn't leave the park.  It's fun to yell "Petco'd!"  I guess it's also a little fun to watch pitchers come here for a year to lower their ERA so they can sign a bigger free agent deal elsewhere too. 

I don't get the feeling that any pitcher really would want to stay here long term though just for the fact that they won't ever get offensive support.  The Park helped guys like Peavy but it still frustrated him when he'd pitch 7 shut out innings and collect a no decision.

I was discussing this with Dex and he thinks they should bring in the fences on one side of the park, make it even more extreme.  I'd be down for that too.

I don't know, I've written about this before and don't want to get into a big argument.  Argue with someone like Rob Neyer, who knows what he's talking about, instead.

Anyway, let's just see where you're at right now with a simple vote.  Yes or no?

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