Breaking News: Wiggins' True Identity Revealed

Well, folks, the Wiggins joke has gone on long enough. For those who haven't figured it out, Wiggins is an alter-ego shared by both me (Dex) and jbox as well as a handful of other long-time Gaslampballers (Kev, J-Dub, etc.). It started as a one-off joke and then kind of ballooned into something so out of control we had to keep it going just to keep the myth alive.

We "retired" Wiggins a couple of years ago but decided to bring him back after coming across some Wiggins e-mails when we were researching old messages for Before the Blog. jbox quickly wrote up the Wiggins post about having sex on the Padres sheets and we just went from there. Kev then penned the Topps gum post. Yours truly took care of the recent return of fake Mike Piazza. I felt bad that it had homophobic terms in it, which is why I took it down and reposted it with those blacked out.

For you trivia lovers, here are the people responsible for various aspects of the Wiggins lore:

* Original Wiggins idea: Dex and jbox (based upon a guy we knew in high school named Tim Eirich)

* Wiggins' hatred of the Dodgers: Dex

* Wiggins' comics: jbox

* Wiggins living in Alpine and taking the bus: jbox

* Wiggins' drama with his mama: Dex

* Wiggins dating a literally retarded girl: Kev

* Wiggins speaking in third person: J-Dub

* Wiggins making fairweather mad and having to publically apologize: fairweather

* Wiggins hating smoothjazzman and getting into a flame war with him: smoothjazzman

* Wiggins getting creepy and hitting on GLB girls like Scout1222: drama

* Wiggins photo: An actual photo of jbox's brother, Mike (posing as Wiggins)

OH YEAH. APRIL FOOLS, SUCKAS! HAHA! There is no way morons like Dex and jbox could impersonate the great master Wiggins. Wiggins is going NOWHERE! Wiggins LOVES April Fool's Day! Gotcha!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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