Hey Axion, What Section are you in?

It's the cubbuster and friends 4th annual spring training Trip, and I just now found out about this meme on the wiki.

So, it went something like this: My buddies and I were going on our regular annual trip to Spring training- one game at Peoria as most of us are Pads fans, and one game at Glendale (Dodgers vs Padres) as we have one blacksheep who grew up in San Diego but for some reason realized early that he just wasn't cool enough to hang as a Padres fan. Well, 9 beers into the night on the way there ( I wasn't driving) I was pretty excited about seeing some peeps from GLB, and when I saw that someone posted a picture that looked like it could be from the section I was sitting in, that was the icing on the cake. 2 more Peoria Sports Complex beers later I start the search. Just me, my drunkenness, and an LG Dare Phone.

Ah yes, the era of almost smart phones. Phones just smart enough to suck gigantic balls big enough to make looking at blogs close to impossible, but only close. It was possible to see GLB, and possible to post. It was also possible to post the same things twice, or three times, possible to not see the post that you had put up originally, and it took about 5 minutes to load. So, I'm not blaming the phone, but I'm not saying it helped either.

Anyway. I didn't find anyone that night, and I certainly didn't meet Axion as he was not there, and I clearly would have known that had I been able to read the game thread somewhat decently. I've never met anyone from GLB, and many of you have told me that I should count myself lucky for that fact. But it still feels weird knowing that I've been part of a "community" for so long and yet having never met anyone from it, even if it is my fault.

Fast forward to this morning- I told my wife about the wiki, and she thought the whole thing was pretty funny. I think she gets the impression that I was a lucky nerd who ended up with a "10" for a wife, and I tend to agree, so her making fun of me for things like following a blog or downloading star trek or getting excited about a video game launch date are not uncommon occurrences. She told me I should feel honored for being immortalized in the Gaslampball wiki, not cyber-bullied. I said to her "I never felt cyber-bullied in the..." and she cut me off right there and said "not interested, got to go, have a great day at work".

So then, I'm not sure what section I'll be sitting in on March 26th, but I'm bringing my smart phone with me and my Gaslampball Wiki Immortalized self.


P.S. I didn't run a spell check on purpose because I know how much everyone loves typos.  I'm trying to embrace the community instead of whining about it.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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