Wiggins Is About to Eat Gum from 1987 Topps Baseball Card Pack

Wiggins' mom has been on a rampage lately. She's making Wiggins clear out a bunch of his stuff because it is, in her words, "taking up too much space and making the house look like it needs to be on Hoarders!" Calm down, already, mom! Geez! She's actually yelling at Wiggins as he types this. WIGGINS IS TAKING A BREAK HOW HARD IS THAT TO UNDERSTAND? GOD.

Anyway, during Wiggins' cleaning efforts, he came across an unopened package of Topps baseball cards from 1987. Unfortunately, there were no worthwhile cards in the pack (no Padres!), but Wiggins forgot about one small joy from his youth: gum. Ah, sweet gum. Wiggins was banned from many nearby convenience stores after a great gum-stealing rampage in the early '90s.

Should Wiggins dare eat this nearly 25-year-old piece of gum? It seems pretty hard. Prepare for a liveblog of the gum chewing after the jump!

The gum doesn't look very pink. It's almost white. It's really hard, like a piece of concrete.

Wiggins puts the gum into his mouth. It tastes like chalk. It's really tough to chew.

Wiggins is going to let the saliva work its way into the gum. Wiggins bets Jordan_Ming wishes she were this piece of gum right now.

Okay, the gum is starting to give way, Wiggins thinks. Should Wiggins dare to try to chew it?

Wiggins gave a small bite. It's not giving way. Wiggins will let the saliva work its way in some more. "Hi, Jordan_Ming, wish you were here" -- Love Wiggins' Tongue

Wiggins' mom will not let up. GHEZUZS. tkaing a break! COME BACK LATER!

Okay, Wiggins is going to try to chew it. Here goes... It seems to be cracking. Wiggins is chewing gum! There is one really hard piece. Weird. It does't feel like the rest. Hold on.


This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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