Padres set Opening Day Roster

PEORIA, AZ - MARCH 13: Manager Bud Black of the San Diego Padres looks on during the spring training baseball game against the Cleveland Indians at Peoria Stadium on March 13, 2011 in Peoria, Arizona. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The Padres announced their Opening Day roster this afternoon.  I wonder if it's like in High School where they post a list on the coach's door and all the guys gather around to see if they made varsity or if they all just keep checking for the press release.

I can't wait for the introductions on Opening Day because, frankly, I have no idea who the majority of these guys are.  By my count, fourteen of them could walk right by me and I wouldn't recognize them.  Nine of them I don't think I've ever even seen their picture.  There's one that I don't even recognize his name.

Peep your 2011 Padres after the jump!

Go Padres!  Go Roster and Injury Widgets!


San Diego Padres Roster

pitchers # Pos. DOB W H B T
Mike Adams 37 P 7.29.78 195 6-5 R R
Heath Bell 21 P 9.29.77 250 6-3 R R
Samuel Deduno 43 P 7.2.83 190 6-3 R R
Ernesto Frieri 39 P 7.19.85 200 6-2 R R
Luke Gregerson 57 P 5.14.84 200 6-3 L R
Aaron Harang 41 P 5.9.78 260 6-7 R R
Cory Luebke 50 P 3.4.85 215 6-4 R L
Dustin Moseley 26 P 12.26.81 215 6-4 R R
Pat Neshek 34 P 9.4.80 210 6-3 B R
Chad Qualls 50 P 8.17.78 220 6-5 R R
Clayton Richard 33 P 9.12.83 240 6-5 L L
Tim Stauffer 46 P 6.2.82 205 6-1 R R
catchers # Pos. DOB W H B T
Nick Hundley 4 C 9.8.83 205 6-1 R R
Rob Johnson 18 C 7.22.82 215 6-1 R R
infielders # Pos. DOB W H B T
Jason Bartlett 8 SS 10.30.79 190 6-0 R R
Jorge Cantu 32 1B 1.30.82 210 6-3 R R
Alberto Gonzalez - SS 4.18.83 195 5-10 R R
Brad Hawpe 11 1B 6.22.79 210 6-3 L L
Chase Headley 7 3B 5.9.84 210 6-2 B R
Orlando Hudson 1 2B 12.12.77 190 6-0 B R
outfielders # Pos. DOB W H B T
Chris Denorfia 13 CF 7.15.80 205 6-0 R R
Cedric Hunter 60 CF 3.10.88 185 5-10 L L
Ryan Ludwick 47 LF 7.13.78 220 6-3 R L
Cameron Maybin 24 CF 4.4.87 210 6-3 R R
Will Venable 25 RF 10.29.82 210 6-2 L L

San Diego Padres Injuries


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Ernesto Frieri shoulder 03/25/2011


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Joe Thatcher shoulder 03/20/2011
Eric Patterson hamstring 03/28/2011
Jarrett Hoffpauir quadriceps 03/20/2011
Mat Latos shoulder 03/28/2011

60 Day DL / Out for the season

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Mike Baxter thumb 03/28/2011

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