Padres Season Ticket Holder Field Day


This post is brought to you by poor recollection. No, not rounding up homeless people, I mean bad memory. At 1PM on Saturday, March 5, there was an event exclusively for Season Ticket Holders at Petco Park known as Field Day. Attendees were allowed to walk on the outfield grass, play catch, use the bathrooms in the clubhouse, take home a square of outfield grass, and watch The Sandlot on the jumbotron. The awful part of all of this: I had no recollection of this event until I saw this post from Dex. It's just the worst.

I thought it was a pretty strange event to put on. Only Pad-Squadders and ticket reps were there because everyone else is out playing moonball in the desert. As we entered the park, I noticed they didn't have the game on the PA system and I thought that was odd, so I was listening through my phone instead. That was until it was about 6-2. I'm not gonna listen to Mah Boys get clubbed by the Cubs, all due apologies to Darren Smith and Jerry Coleman, who were delightful. Also in my defense, Bud Selig was in the booth with them, too, and he's just the worst.

Let's go!


I just now noticed there was something written in the sky. via



A free squishy ball! via



A portable flirt lair. via



Free popcorn! But water and soft drinks were $4.00 & $4.50. via



Look at this nerd taking pictures of grass squares. via



Majestic Padres Store grass, all mine! via



Huge batch of green brownies. via



Movie watchin'. It started with Spanish subtitles on, but for some reason that stopped after about 10 minutes. via


Here's some panoramic shots, click the links for full size:







Then I went to GLBPP destination The Corner for a brew and a burger. Rec'd. via


Now it makes sense why they were letting people walk all over the outfield, cutting it up, and giving it away. It's last year's model!

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