Around the Mission: 2/21 Padres Links

  • Press Action ::: Tell the San Diego Padres: Stop Using Children as Instruments of War
    "Dear San Diego Padres, I am again appalled that you have decided to sell children on the concept of war-through-baseball. "Dog Tags for Kids" on military opening day? You do realize, I’m sure, that Dog Tags are used to identify the corpses of dead soldiers. Why would you giveaway these items to children?"

  • San Diego Padres' Mat Latos wants to learn from late-season struggles
    "It doesn't take away from the whole season," Latos said. "I think it makes the season that much better because it's a prime example (to learn from). I was doing my best and succeeding for such a long period of time and then it turned around and went the opposite way. That's how seasons are going to be.

  • PADRES: All-saves leader Hoffman adjusts to life outside the lines
    "In my mind I said, 'Ok, I get it. I know where I stand. I'm ready to move forward,' " Hoffman said. "And I never really wanted to take batting practice. I never really wanted to take ground balls. It wasn't like I was itching to relieve some of that stuff. I really feel the same way (now). I am comfortable with what I was able to accomplish and how I went about my business as a player. "It's been nice to make that clean break."
  • Will Cox strike a deal on Padres baseball? -
    "I don’t have any inside information so this is purely conjecture, but I would say the overriding factor in play has to be the money," said Mark Kersey of Kersey Research Strategies, a market research firm. "It sounds simple because it is."


  • Padres Mat Latos has matured into one of the NL's best pitchers—and teammates - MLB - Sporting News
    "He's matured leaps and bounds because when he first came up he thought he was the stud that he now is," says Bell, one of the veterans who was outspoken about Latos' past behavior. "He had to realize everyone in the big leagues is a stud. He started listening to some of the older guys telling him to be a little more humble about it. "He made great strides last year but he fell off a little bit. That happens where a guy gets success and all of the sudden he comes back down from the clouds. He matured a lot from that."

  • Venable altered stance instead of standing pat -
    "I studied my swing and altered my approach, but I didn’t hit a lot," he said. "I really worked at getting stronger and conditioning."

  • NOTEBOOK: Bad weather at least had some good timing -
    "We’re looking at him hard," Black said. "He has experience and versatility. There is a role to fill there (backup to Jason Bartlett at shortstop). I’ve talked to enough people who know Kevin can do it."

  • No regrets as Hoffman’s gaze firmly fixed on future -
    "Nope, not a bit," Hoffman said with no hint of a grin. "I have moved on. I’m not looking back."
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