Strat O Matic Padres All-Stars -- Week 1

The Strat-O-Matic San Diego PadreStars roster is now set (, and we’ve played our first three game series against each of our divisional opponents (there are three divisions of four teams each; we’re fortuitously in the West).  All were on the road, and we went 5-4, putting us in a tie for first.  A promising start, but there are 155 games to go….

Thanks somewhat to Gaslamp Ball Twitter responses, but mostly to my Fan Fest Petco trip (kudos to the club, by the way; wonderful experience), I saw the names of several more great players who wore the Padres uniform, and made some roster moves.  Keep in mind that each player’s performance is based on a specific year’s statistics, and not every year necessarily took place in a Padres uniform. Or else we’d suck.

Here’s our roster, starting with the daily lineup, then our rotation, bullpen and bench.

Daily Lineup:

Rickey Henderson –LF / 1983

Tony Gwynn – RF / 1987

Roberto Alomar -2B / 2001

Willie McCovey - 1B /1970

Ken Caminiti -3B / 1992

Ozzie Smith – SS / 1987

Kevin McReynolds – CF / 1984

Benito Sandiago – C / 1991

       SP    Greg Maddux / 1995

                Gaylord Perry / 1972

                Randy Jones / 1979

                Fernando Valenzuela / 1984

                Dave Dravecky / 1983

                     RP      Trevor Hoffman / 1998

                                Goose Gossage / 1978

                                Rollie Fingers / 1982

                                Craig Lefferts / 1984

                                Vincente Romo / 1973


Bruce Bochy –C / 1984

Kurt Bevacqua – IF, RF / 1984

Bip Roberts – 2B, OF / 1991

Luis Salazar – IF, CF / 1982

Gary Templeton – SS / 1984

Bobby Brown – OF / 1984


Didn’t get Ted Williams, Randy Johnson or Dave Winfield.  The latter is actually available, I’ve just got no place to put him.  I may end up swapping Templeton for Tim Teufel, because if McCovey gets hurt, the only backup I’ve got is Bevacqua, and he can’t hit righties.

I’m concerned that the team is at a disadvantage because we’re committed to only using players who once wore a Padre uniform, while our league opponents follow no such qualifications.  For example, one of our divisional opponents has a rotation of Cy Young, Carl Hubbell, Christy Mathesson and 3-Finger Brown. That’s some serious sh!t to be facing. Other classic hurlers we’ll be facing regularly in our division include Big Unit, Louisiana Lightning, and John Tudor, and that’s just the southpaws.

Still, so far the front half of our starting rotation – Maddux and Perry – has been able to go toe-to-toe with these guys, and the back half – Jones, Valenzuela, and Dravecky – has been keeping games close enough so the bullpen can close it out when we come back late (which has already happened three times in our five wins).  The defense helps, too; the PadreStars daily lineup has top rated defense (each player is ranked in defensive quality from 1 to 5) at every position but for McCovey at first. We’ve snuffed a bunch of rallies with DPs started by Smith or Alomar.

As for the bats, Gwynn is such a gamer that even facing a rogue’s gallery of baseball’s best moundsmen, he’s still hitting .460/.500/.784.  Again, though, this is after nine games.  Nobody else is worth mentioning, for better or worse. 

I’ll weigh back in once a week or so (there are 21 games played per week, one 3-game series a night), keep everybody posted about how we’re holding up.  It’ll tide me over until the real thing begins, which can’t come soon enough!

Jack Tish

PS - If you want to see what a few box scores look like:   ///  ////


This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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