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Having a somewhat advanced understanding of the old CBA, I have some insight into the new CBA.  I am going to list some things here and open them for discussion. I am not a huge expert, but I do play online games that require a more advanced understanding than some.  Here are some interesting changes from the summary on

1)  Active Roster limits will be expanded to 26 for certain regular or split doubleheaders.

I assume this is to bring up a AAA starter for one of those games without having to make another roster move.  My question: Does the promoted player still have the 10 day promotion penalty? I would hope not, but they probably do.

2)  Article XX(B) free agents signing minor league contracts who are not added to the Opening Day roster or unconditionally released 5 days prior to Opening Day shall receive an additional $100,000 retention bonus and the right to opt out on June 1 

I don't think this has always been the case.  Its interesting.  Basically when you sign those guys to minor league contracts with spring training invites, you have to have them on your Opening Day Roster or you have to pay them $100k, and you can only keep them in the minors til June 1st, at which point its "Promotion or Free Agency".  I wonder if this will result in more teams taking a pass on border line vets / wash outs and these guys spending more time on the couch? Or if they will get their look in spring training, and then released rather than becoming minor league filler?

3) Starting in 2012, “Type A” and “Type B” free agents and the use of the Elias ranking system will be eliminated.

Poor Elias.  It doesn't explain how they will determine if a FA *will* earn the original club compensation under the new rules. *Update: They have to offer #5 below to get compensation.


4) Only Players who have been with their Clubs for the entire season will be subject to compensation. 

This is something that has been argued for, for some time. It will also change the value of certain players during the trade deadline.  Before, if a small market team found themselves in contention, they could get a "half season rental" and flip him for draft picks, essentially replacing anyone they are traded for.  Now that is not possible, which will make small market teams think twice before trading for players who could net some compensation. 

5) A free agent will be subject to compensation if  his former Club offers him a guaranteed one-year contract with a salary equal to the average salary of the 125-highest paid Players from the prior season.  The offer must be made at the end of the five-day free agent “quiet period,” and the Player will have seven days to accept the offer.

What this essentially amounts to is a pre-negotiated arbitration agreement. In order to get compensation picks you have to offer your FA's the average of the top 125 players OVERALL not by position. Which according to would be $12,411,680.00 using 2011 numbers.  Sounds pretty difficult to me, that said, maybe it is suppose to be. I don't think most players would reject a $12.4 million payday.

6)  A Club that signs a player subject to compensation will forfeit its first round selection, unless it selects in the top 10, in which case it will forfeit its second highest selection in the draft.

This is oddly worded.  It seems that they just "forfeit" it doesn't say "forfeit it to the original team", like the old rules. Which would have the affect of bumping "ALL supplemental picks" up one slot in the draft order. *Update FOR THIS YEAR ONLY, according to Jay Stark on twitter (@jasonst), the originating team with get a pick DIRECTLY AFTER  the receiving team's draft pick.  This should make Heath much easier to sign for other teams.  That said, it makes the minimum offer we have to make Heath @ $12.4 Million.  He *may* take a deal of that size, particularly knowing that the Padres will have to offer it to get draft picks. 

7)  The Player’s former Club will receive a selection at the end of the first round beginning after the last regularly scheduled selection in the round.  The former Clubs will select based on reverse order of winning percentage from the prior championship season

Sounds to me like "ALL" compensation comes in the supplemental round now, rather than receiving the old teams pick, unless, like I say above, I am reading things wrong. 

8) Minimum Salaries are increasing across most professional players, though nothing is mentioned in the lowest levels, which need it the most.

9) Moved up signing deadline, which is good.

10)  Drafted players may only sign Minor League contract

This is interesting, so no more drafted players immediately getting Major League deals.

11) Draft will have spending limits. Depending on # picks.

12) Crappy clubs and clubs that make no money, have a chance to get supplemental 1st and 2nd round picks based on a lottery system. 

This is just lame, but whatever.

13)  Participation in the All-Star Game will be required unless the Player is unable to play due to injury or is otherwise excused by the Office of the Commissioner. Players Trust will receive an increased contribution and players will receive additional benefits.  

No more opting out of All-Star game unless Bud Selig writes you a note.

14)  Modifications to Fourth Option and Outright Assignment rules

I am interested in knowing what these will be.



This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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