The Padres Mark Kotsay signing is 33% Fresh

The Padres have officially announced their signing of Mark Kotsay for $1.25 million in a one year contract. I only watch Padres games so really I haven't seen Mark Kotsay play since some time in 2003. Plus he spent most of his time since then in the American League.

I'm pretty indifferent about the move in general, but I liked Kotsay a lot in the past. The only problem is we are living in the present. This is the kind of move, that Padres fans have come to expect. The team signs an aging veteran on the tail end of his career and grabs him by the nipples and yanks frantically trying to milk a little more value out of him before he retires. It's what we do.

Here's the opinions of other bloggers and news folk from around the internet:

Apologies to


Fresh_mediumKotsay should be good fit for the Padres
Mark Kotsay definitely has a little bit of David Eckstein in him. During a brief interview on Wednesday night, Kotsay, who officially signed with the Padres, sounded just like The Scrappy One.

Rotten_medium What Does San Diego See In Kotsay? | FanGraphs Baseball
For the second year in a row, Mark Kotsay does not deserve a spot on a major league roster — at least, not on his merits as a baseball player.


Padres reportedly reach agreement with Mark Kotsay | Through The Fence Baseball
I reiterate, while Kotsay will be a bench option, I’m not sure the Padres couldn’t have filed that hole internally for less, spending that money and saving a roster spot elsewhere.

Fresh_mediumMark Kotsay Returns To San Diego Padres On One-Year Contract - Baseball Nation
Which isn't to suggest that Mark Kotsay is bad. Mark Kotsay is not bad, for what he is. Over the last three years, he's hit .258 with an 86 OPS+ while playing first base and all three outfield positions, which is okay for a bench player. He also played for the Padres between 2001-2003, so he brings some kind of familiarity. On its own, the notion of giving Mark Kotsay $1.25 million as a free agent is not ridiculous.

Rotten_mediumKotsay is once and future Padre - San Diego San Diego Padres |
The lefty-hitting Kotsay doesn't project as a productive signing for Petco Park -- think Brad Hawpe -- but he has maintained a home in San Diego, is considered a good influence in the clubhouse and he has playoff experience

Rotten_mediumMark Kotsay Signing Makes Zero Sense " MLB Dirt
To sum it up, Kotsay is a horrible defensive outfielder that hits well below league average with below average base running skills and has been the worst player with at least 2000 plate appearances the past six seasons and the Padres just gave him a guaranteed spot on the 25-man roster and $1.25M. Make sense?

Rotten_mediumTwitter / @619sports:
Kotsay=one of the nicest people I've met in baseball+not very useful to the #Padres+former Moorad client=business as usual

Rotten_mediumTwitter / @thesacbunt: .
I understand that the 2011 team lacked leadership/chemistry and Kotsay provides some but do not pretend that he's not a bad baseball player.

Rotten_mediumTwitter / @woedoctor:
I don't think it's awful, just don't see the necessity given that corner OF/1B aren't a priority like some other positions.

Fresh_mediumTwitter / @FollowThePadres:
Padres dreadful vs. RHP (.229/.301/.340) to add a career .280 hitter vs. RHP for bench job for $1.25m. Please tell me why it's a bad deal.

Fresh_mediumPadres Sign Mark Kotsay - Friarhood
I like the idea of the bat off the bench. If he is starting over Guzman/Blanks vs RHP, then I'm going to turn on this move very quickly.

Rotten_mediumWednesday's Frosty Mug - Brew Crew Ball
Knowing that he won't be in center field or at first base next season brightened my mood considerably

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