Hated Mariners, Beloved Seattle

The season is over. A 71-91 campaign leaves a sad feeling in ones memory.   However, for those of you who enjoy such posts, here is a quick entry on my visit to the lovely city of Seattle.

Let me be clear.  I hate the Mariners.  However, my first trip to Seattle left me very impressed with the city.

My trip almost didn't happen, with the Great San Diego Blackout of 2011 nearly stranding me at the Airport. 

However, with a combination of luck, amazing brains, and sheer tenacity I made it on the last plane out of the San Diego Airport.

After a day in Seattle where I saw a Troll:

I managed to make my way with my now Fiancee to enemy ground.  The lair in which out MOST HATED rivals play baseball.

SafeCo field:

Since no one really cares to watch the Mariners play (who can blame them really, who would watch such a hateful team regularly?) even on a beautiful Seattle Friday night; we leisurely strolled up to the ticket gates. I was sporting my t-shirt which was personally given to me by the president of our club, the Mentor himself. 

The ticket agent, like many who see my shirt asked.  "What are those numbers?  Your lotto numbers or something?" I looked at him with a pitiful glance.  "Nope! Those are the retired numbers for the San Diego Padres". His eyes suddenly brightened up and it looks as though he switched on a latent power. "Of course!" he remarked.  "I should have known!" I looked at him with a 'yeah right' look.  He stared for a moment then said, I kid you not. "6 is the Garv!, 19 is Gwynn, 31 is... Winfield?, 51 is of course Trevor, and I know 42 is Jackie. (Pause) no idea who 35 is." I was shocked. "Wow, that was good!" I said.  "Yeah, 35 is Randy Jones.  He was a Cy Young award winning pitcher in the 70's. Now he does BBQ sauce and radio.  We love him in SD".  He goes, "Yeah I would have never guessed that".

Apparently these Seattle-ites are not as hateful as they may seem.  In fact most of the people in Seattle were very pleasant, you couldn't help but to feel sorta bad for them.  Their team history is even more pathetic than our own, they are all pasty white due to the lack of sun.

Before the game began I got my Fiancee to take a picture of me, wearing my numbers, near the field.  I felt like a dog peeing on another dog's house just to let him know I was there and that this was my territory even if just for a few hours:


As you can see, we got tickets 3B line field level for like $8.

As the evening progressed something magical was in the air.  The Mariners actually won a baseball game that wasn't against the Padres. They beat down on the Royals

Overall I enjoyed the experience.  The food was decent. Thought we didn't eat much because before the game we stopped at Red Mill Burgers (featured on Man v Food) and filled up.

It was my fourth ballpark this season, and I had a blast with my lovely Fiancee, as we always do when we go to baseball games.  Its always a bit more relaxing of an event when I don't care about the outcome, as she will attest to.

I hope next season will feature even more baseball parks!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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