9/29/10- Padres Season Ticker Holder Event

My father and I went to the season ticket holder event before the game last night that was held inside the Candy Factory at the park. They invited 50 people and easily had that amount. Basically a thank you for ordering, please order again next year, followed by some stupid questions. I didn't take notes or anything, so this is all from memory.

They had free sodas, cheese/crackers/fruit. I didn't try any of it, but had a free water. They started by introducing all the different season ticket agents who handle the different sections. Then Garfinkel and Hoyer gave their opening talk/wrap up of the season. Great, working towards the postseason, want to make this a championship team, they are stewards of the community, cheaper beer, cheaper tickets, etc. Working to get more people in the stands, season ticket renewals currently at 9200. Working on group sales, etc.

Garfinkel made notice of our Penitentiary Shirts (my dad and I both wore one). Before and after the meeting got lots of questions of where we got them, made lots of mentions of Gaslamp Ball and Eastbay.

After the opening comments, which contained nothing new or exciting that any regular of Gaslamp Baller wouldn't already be aware of. Then came an open question forum. I knew these would be the same types of questions asked at the focus groups last year, fan appreciation nights, etc.

First question within seconds was about Adrian and his future with the team. Garfinkel joked about how the question came faster than normal. Obviously they can't comment directly about any negotiations. Just that he has a club option for next year and the club will exercise that option. When the season is over they will meet again like they did last off season. They would like to have him here long term. Same old information.

Then someone complained about the food vendors standing up during innings, valid and annoying. Someone wanted TV's in the men's bathrooms. People can't get the radio broadcast of the games in Temecula. The concourse in the park needs to be lowered 6 feet so people on the hill in the park can see the field over the people walking around. There was another complaint about Stub Hub and the 15% fees. And someone asked about the TV deal and exclusivity. A question about focusing more on homegrown San Diego players (Strasburg), and yes it is a market of players they would like to pursue, they can get to know the team through high school and college.

There was then a series of questions that made me laugh.

1. This team needs more speed and athleticism.

Followed by:

2. When are we getting our big bat?

Basically, the answer was that we did have some speed and athleticism, but a down year for Everth, injuries to Harriston, Venable and Gwynn have hurt that angle. Adrian is that big bat and guys like Tejada and Ludwick were brought in to give him protection. Tejada has been a great addition and Ludwick has been disappointing. Hoyer thinks we need better production out of the 1 and 2 spots. It is important to get runners on before AG comes to bat.

This is about all I can recall now.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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