How my two friends, I, and a racist prick...

Single-handedly won last night's game against the Braves  (true story)

Ok, so I am not a big believer in coincidence or higher powers or anything of that sort, but this is a true recounting of the significant events last night (7/21/2010) that led to the Padres coming from behind to beat the Braves.


So, we get to the stadium just as the game is about to start, but we have to stand in line to pick up our tickets for a good 20 minutes or so.  The crowd outside the stadium is huge, and attendance is pretty good.  Last year when I went to the Padres/Braves game, attendance was pretty low and there were almost no lines anywhere.  Anyways, after picking up our tickets, we walk to our seats, and just as we find our seats, I see that Venable is dirty and standing on second.  I assume he has stolen a base.  By the time we are completely settled and situated we are ready for someone to score, and that's when Cabrera comes through, scoring Venable.  I remark about our fortuitous timing, and then Garland manages to get a hit.  Surrounded by a sea of Braves fans, many armed with tomahawks, I decide to keep my voice down.  But then... Jhairston singles, and we are up 2-0.

So, the 2nd inning ends and the 3rd starts.  My two comrades:  One is from Cleveland and is marginally rooting for the Braves since I am a Padres fan wearing a "Padres" blue t-shirt and a "San Diego" grey cap.  The other is his girlfriend who isn't really a baseball fan but thought it would be "fun" to see a game.  By the 3rd inning she is more interested in the people sitting near us than in the game.

So, during the middle of the 3rd they decide to go get some food/drinks.  They are still gone when the bottom of the 3rd starts and when Garland begins to have difficulties.  The Braves manage to score 4 runs as I am forced to sit in quiet while people around me are cheering, giving a standing ovation, performing the tomahawk chop... eventually Garland gets out of the inning. 

During the top of the 4th my friends return, and ask how the runs were scored.  At this point in time we were still ignorant of our budding powers to affect the game that we assumed we were simply watching.


The rest of the game was fairly uneventful... we sat and watch, commented on the number of "hood rats" in the nearby seats and other various things.  As the game headed to the 7th my friend joked about how I "liked to leave games in the 7th inning" b/c his girlfriend was quite bored (although she was not being annoying or anything, she was just simply not being entertained).  I reply that I usually like to stay and watch a game until completion, even if it goes 18 innings.  However, as it was a weekday night, I say we don't have to watch the entire game if it is getting late.

So, here comes the 9th.  The Padres have not looked particularly impressive in several innings so I tell them we can walk up and watch the rest of the game from the railing.  So we start heading up there.

As we are leaving, someone yells out "hey, it's jesus!"  [I know he's talking to me since I have my hair somewhat long right now, and with my beard I often get the "jesus" comment.  Not so much these days, but a lot when I was in my teens and early/mid 20's].  Now, I think to myself 'this guy doesn't know that I am a Padres fan'.  So, I turn and say "but I'm a Padres fan".  Not hearing me, he looks at my shirt and says "Padres???" and gives me a disgusted look, which I can only respond to with a smile.

Then the taunting begins... He's taunting a guy he called Jesus a mere minute ago.  I ignore him and his several blond "hood rat" friends as he makes a number of comments disparaging the Padres... This was a mistake on his part.

For that is when Shrek struck, light a bolt from the heavens, delivering a HR to left field, not too far from where we had been sitting minutes earlier. 

My friends and I stopped in our tracks and said, "oh, this is getting interesting".  That was when Jhairston was announced... that was also when the prick behind us said "How many Hairstons do you guys have?"  I responded with "two, they're brothers".  HE RESPONDED WITH:  "They're not even the same race."

WOW.... that was another mistake.

Single to left... good, now he's quiet.  We start to camp out in the aisle, anticipating an exciting finish.  Torrealba doubles in Jhairston in a close play that causes the crowd to get really pissed off.  Adrian and Headley ground out.

My friends and I decide to watch the bottom of the 9th from some benches in front of the big screen TV.  Gregerson was sweet.  We then decide to leave b/c we know how long it will take to get back via the shuttle/transit system...

So, we make our way to the bus, wait for a bit, then get to the train station... have to wait some more... train comes, we ride the train to our stop, we walk to the parking lot where my friend is parked.  And I say "turn to 680 AM, let's see if the game is still on."  This is literally like almost an hour later.

As it turns on, I hear "Gwynn is..." I couldn't make out the whole sentence, but the game is still on.  We could not hear all the details b/c we had to get out of the MARTA (mass transit) parking garage, but what was clear is that the Padres shortly there after scored two runs and the top half of the inning was ending.

The game then ended with Heath being awesome.


So, I am not saying that I have godlike powers... but don't mess with Jesus.  Just saying...

Also, my friends and I single handedly won that game... we arrive, Padres score, they leave to get food, Braves score, we get ready to leave (while still watching) and get harassed... So, to put the Braves fan back in his place, we score some more.  Then, nothing happens (because we are on a bus/train), but when we get to the car and turn on the radio, we score two more runs...  just totally crazy.

But at least we won!  Hooray!

[disclaimer:  I am not religious in any way AT ALL, but if Jesus does exist, I do not mean to offend you all powerful one.]

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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