2010 MLB Draft Day 2 Open Thread

Day 1 saw 17 year old phenom go first overall in the draft to perennial first pick holder the Washington Nationals. The Padres followed that up with the 9th overall pick of my new favorite most hated Padres prospect Karsten Whitson. Because the Padres were devoid of any other mature major league talent that could head to free agency last year, they had no other picks on first day (the only ways to get additional picks are as compensation for players lost in free agency or failing to sign draft picks).

The second day starts early and has plenty more picks than day 1.

Day 2 Summary:

Round (Pick #) Name Position Hits/Throws School Height Weight BirthDate Video
Round 2(59) Jedd Gyorko SS R/R West Virginia (JR) 5'10 195 lbs 9/23/1988 Link
Round 3(91) Zack Cates P R/R Northeast Texas CC, AR (J2) 6'3 200 lbs 12/17/1989 Link
Round 4(124) Chris Bisson 2B L/R Kentucky (JR) 5'11 185 lbs 08/14/1989 Link
Round 5(154) Jablonski Noel CF R/R Coastal Carolina (JR) 5'9 175 lbs 1/11/1989 Link
Round 6(184) John Barbato P R/R Felix Varela Senior HS, FL 6'2 185 lbs 7/11/1992 Link
Round 7(214) A.J. Vanegas P R/R Redwood Christian HS, CA 6'3 205 lbs 8/16/1992 Link
Round 8(244) Jose Dore OF L/R The First Academy, FL 6'1 170 lbs 2/20/1992 Link
Round 9(274) Joshua Spence P L/L Arizona State (SR) 6'1 190 lbs 1/22/1988
Round 10(304) Houston Slemp LF L/R Eastern Oklahoma St JC (J2) 6'1 200 lbs 3/2/1988
Round 11(334) Brian Guinn SS S/R California (JR) 6'1 170 lbs 4/4/1989 Link
Round 12(364) Christopher Franklin P R/R SE Louisiana (SR) 6'1 N/A 11/10/1987
Round 13(394) Miguel Pena P L/L San Jacinto College North (J1) 6'2 170 lbs 10/24/1990 Link
Round 14(424) Thomas Medica C R/R Santa Clara University (SR) 6'2 N/A 4/9/1988
Round 15(454) Sean Dwyer 1B L/L Tavares HS, FL 6'0 190 lbs 12/5/1991
Round 16(484) Connor Hofmann CF L/R St. Augustine HS, CA 5'11 170 lbs 11/29/1991 Link
Round 17(514) Wesley Cunningham 1B L/R Murray State (SR) 6'2 200 lbs 12/4/1987
Round 18(544) Daniel Meeley LF L/L Connors St Col (J2) 6'0 190 lbs 7/1/1989
Round 19(574) Tyler Norwood P R/R Southern Union State JC (J1) 6'3 215 lbs 2/3/1991
Round 20(604) Paul Bingham SS R/R Indiana-PA (SR) 6'3 205 lbs 3/7/1988
Round 21(634) Connor Powers 1B R/R Mississippi State (SR) 6'2 230 lbs 12/21/1987 Link
Round 22(664) Tyler Stubblefield 2B R/R Kennesaw State (SR) 5'10 185 lbs 11/19/1987 Link
Round 23(694) Xorge Carrillo C R/R Arizona State (JR) 6'1 220 lbs 4/12/1989 Link
Round 24(724) Rocky Gale C R/R Portland (SR) 6'1 N/A 2/22/1988
Round 25(754) Josue Montanez P L/L Ramon Vila Mayo HS 6'2 195 lbs 1/15/1992
Round 26(784) Cory Hahn CF L/L Mater Dei HS 5'10 160 lbs 12/11/1991 Link
Round 27(814) Matthew Branham P R/R South Carolina - Upsate (SR) 6'5 220 lbs 9/28/1987 Link
Round 28(844) Jacoby Almaraz 3B L/R Lady Bird Johnson HS, TX 6'3 185 lbs 5/6/1992
Round 29(874) Mykal Stokes CF R/R Orange Coast College (J2) 6'2 170 lbs 6/2/1990
Round 30(904) Donald Snelton P L/L Lake Community HS, IL 6'6 215 lbs 5/19/1992's report on Gyorko:

Scouting Report

Hitting ability: Gyorko has quick hands, good bat speed and excellent pitch recognition. He starts and stays open, leaving him a little vulnerable to balls on the outer hall and he's a little pull-conscious as a result. But that could be corrected.

Power: He has raw power and in-game power. He's got enough bat speed where he should be a 15-18 homer kind of guy at the next level.

Running speed: He runs a well-below-average 60 and isn't very good from home to first either.

Base running: He's not a clogger and knows what he's doing on the basepaths.

Arm strength: He shows an average arm with solid online carry across the infield. He does need a littie bit of a windup to get it there.

Fielding: He uses angles well and understands positioning. He turns a decent double play. The hands work, he fields the baseball. What he can get to, he catches. It doesn't seem like he'll be able to stay at shortstop as a pro, but third, second or maybe left field are possibilities.

Range: He has below-average range, where maybe even second base might be too difficult. .

Physical Description: Gyorko has a stocky, medium-sized frame with a thick lower half. He'll have to watch his body, but he's a better athlete than his body makes him seem.

Medical Update: He had surgery on his non-throwing shoulder his freshman year, but there have been no lingering effects.

Strengths: Good overall hitting skills, great bat speed, at least average power. The guy knows how to hit.

Weaknesses: He stays open on his swing, making him a little pull-conscious and unable to reach pitches on the outer half. He doesn't really have a true defensive position because of his lack of speed and range.

Summary: It seems that every Draft class has at least one good, advanced college bat that comes in a less-than-athletic looking body without a true position. This year, Gyorko likely will head that group. He knows how to hit and should have at least average power. He doesn't run well, however, and it's highly unlikely he'll stay at shortstop at the next level. The team who feels he'll be able to watch his body and have just enough range to be an offensive-minded second baseman may be the one to take him.

DePodesta's blogging on 2nd rounder Gyorko:

We got ourselves a bat.

Jedd is a junior shortstop from West Virginia University who has done nothing but rake for three years. At 5'10" and 195lbs, Jedd is a strong infielder with right-handed power. This year he had 48 extra base hits in just 236 at-bats while only striking out just 24 times. Furthermore, last summer he hit .326/.386/.488 with a wood bat in the Cape Cod League.

A driven, hard-nosed player, Jedd is the type of grinder with the makeup to will himself to the Major Leagues. We were hoping all night that he might still be there when we picked today, as we feel he's one of the more polished bats in the draft.

DePodesta's blogging on 3rd rounder Cates:

We love pleasant surprises!

Zach Cates is a newly converted pitcher from Northeast Texas CC. A former catcher, the 6'3", 200lb right-hander has a fastball than runs 90-95 to go along with a nasty changeup. Just 20 years old, this spring was Zach's first full season to concentrate on pitching, and he struck out 92 in just 69 innings.

We feel he has the chance to be a starter and should continue to develop as he spends more time on the mound.

DePodesta's blogging on 4th rounder Bisson:

A junior second baseman from the University of Kentucky (and originally from Ontario), Chris is a player with exciting speed. Combining last summer on the Cape and this spring in the SEC, Chris has stolen 68 bases in 93 games. Wiry strong, he also has some strength and will get his share of extra base hits.

Another player with great makeup, he's absolutely driven to succeed. After not playing much as a freshman at Kentucky, he became the first UK player since 2000 to earn back-to-back All SEC honors.

DePodesta's blogging on 5th rounder Noel:

Bisson is really fast. Noel might be faster.

Rico is the CF for Coastal Carolina, and in his past 125 college games, he has stolen 104 bases. That's silly. Possibly more importantly, we think he's the best defensive centerfielder in the entire draft and is a perfect fit for PETCO.

A right-handed hitter, Rico is another guy we think has great makeup. With Gyorko, Bisson, and Noel, we have some small strike zones! on Barbarto:

Comments: With a loose, easy and projectable arm, Barbato can run his fastball up to 95 mph. His breaking ball is a bit inconsistent, but has the chance to be a decent offering. He has a feel for a changeup as well.  A commitment to University of Florida might be tough to break, but there's bound to be a team that likes his arm strength and good delivery enough to give it a shot. He could be gone before the third round gets underway.

DePodesta blogging on 6th rounder Barbato:

The coach's son, John's fastball has touched 95 mph and normally works around 92. He complements it with a tough downer curveball and a good changeup. He has the arm speed, delivery, and repertoire of a starter. Currently, he has a strong commitment to the University of Florida, but we'll see what happens. on 7th rounder Vanegas:

Scouting Report

Fastball: Vanegas has an average fastball, around 91 mph.

Slider: It's his out pitch, thrown up to 93 mph.

Curve: It's a projectable pitch, with rotation.

Changeup: He has one, but it's below-average because he lacks confidence in it.

Control: His command is slightly below average but should improve in time.

Poise: His makeup is a plus and he's very good on the mound.

Physical Description: Vanegas has a strong and durable build.

Medical Update: Healthy.

Strengths: Plus makeup, projectable arm action, possibly four usable pitches.

Weaknesses: Mature build, isn't the projectable type in terms of body filling out. Stanford commitment may make him harder to sign.

Summary: Typically, teams like their high school pitchers to be tall and projectable, meaning there's room to add size, strength and velocity. Vanegas isn't that type, though there is some projection to be made, particularly with his curve and changeup. He's very poised on the mound and has a good idea of how to pitch. Teams may pause because Vanegas is committed to Stanford -- historically a tough commitment to sign a player away from -- and it's hard for a team to overpay for a pitcher without any plus-present stuff. Even so, Vanegas will be sure to garner interest after the first group of prep arms is selected.

DePodesta blogging on 7th rounder Vanegas:

AJ Vanegas is a 6'3" RHP from Redwood Christian HS in Northern California. An AFLAC All-American, AJ has top of the rotation stuff with a fastball up to 96 mph, two solid to plus breaking balls and a feel for the changeup. AJ hasn't been on many mock drafts due to his commitment to Stanford, but he's definitely a first round talent.

DePodesta blogging on 8th rounder Dore:

A 6'1" outfielder, Jose Dore led the state of Florida in homers as a junior. A hamstring injury this spring slowed him, but that didn't hide his multiple tools. A solid defender and runner, he's not just a power bat. He's currently committed to Florida State. on 9th rounder Spence:

Comments: As a junior in 2009, Josh earned Third-Team All-American honors from both Baseball America and Collegiate Baseball, and was a First-Team All-Pac-10 selection. He was selected in the third round of the 2009 First-Year Player Draft by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

DePodesta blogging on 9th rounder Spence:

Maybe the third time is a charm for Josh Spence. A LHP from Australia, Josh was selected by the Diamondbacks in the 25th round out of Central Arizona in 2008 and then again by the Los Angeles Angels in the 3rd round out or Arizona State in 2009. After returning to ASU, he missed his spring season with an elbow injury. When healthy, he can really pitch with a great feel for changing speeds and frustrating hitters.

DePodesta blogging on 10th rounder Slemp:

A left-handed hitting centerfielder out of Eastern Oklahoma JC, Houston Slemp has the chance to incorporate both speed and power into his game. Houston was an all-state football and baseball player in high school before starting his college baseball career at Arkansas.

DePodesta blogging on 11th rounder Guinn:

Brian Guinn is an athletic infielder from UC Berkeley. A switch-hitter and two-year starter at Berkeley, he's more of a slasher at the plate with a chance to disrupt the defense. He also played in the Cape last summer.

DePodesta blogging on 12th rounder Franklin:

Chris Franklin is a senior right-hander from Southeastern Louisiana who also plays 3B. We see him as a pitcher, however, with a good fastball up to 93mph and the makings of a tough slider. In college he's been the type to play most of the game at 3B and then take the mound as a reliever, so it'll be interesting to see what he can do when focusing just on pitching.

DePodesta blogging on 13th rounder Pena:

Miguel Pena is a 19 year old left-handed starter from San Jacinto JC in Texas. A good strikethrower he has a solid fastball up to 91 mph and a changeup, but his curveball is his money pitch. He was drafted in the 5th round by Washington last year out of high school but elected to attend JC and re-enter the draft.

DePodesta blogging on 14th rounder Medica:

Tommy Medica was a catcher at Santa Clara University before a separated shoulder in a home plate collision forced him out of the position. A former Team USA catcher, he's an advanced bat with strength who can do damage.

DePodesta blogging on 15th rounder Dwyer:

Sean Dwyer is a left-handed high school outfielder and first baseman with an advanced feel for hitting. A great worker who is mature beyond his years, Sean is already stronger and more polished than most high school hitters. On ability alone he would have gone much higher in the draft, but he is currently committed to attend Florida Gulf Coast.

DePodesta blogging on 16th rounder Hofmann:

Connor Hofmann is a left-handed hitting centerfielder from our backyard - St. Augustine HS here in San Diego. A plus, plus runner and excellent athlete, Connor is committed to the University of Oregon.

DePodesta blogging on 17th rounderCunningham:

Wes Cunningham is a senior first baseman and outfielder from Murray State. In his three years as an everyday player he hit .380, .411, and .408, and during the same stretch went from hitting two home runs to hitting 22.

DePodesta blogging on 18th rounder Meely:

Daniel Meeley is a 20 year old outfielder from Connors State in Oklahoma. A good bat, Daniel hit .443 this year with 21 homers. He's committed to Oklahoma University.

DePodesta blogging on 19th rounder Norwood:

Tyler Norwood is a 6'4" 19 year old right-hander from Southern Union CC in AL. He only spent minimal time on the mound in high school, but his velocity has continued to climb as he has been pitching. This year he showed a fastball up to 93 and the makings of a good slider and changeup.

DePodesta blogging on 20th rounder Bingham:

Paul Bingham is a senior infielder from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Despite being 6'2" and 200 lbs, he is a plus, plus runner. That impact speed led to 42 stolen bases this year in just 47 games. on 26th rounder Hahn:

Scouting Report

Hitting ability: Hahn guesses fastball too much and gets in and out of the zone very quickly. He swings and misses too much, but he's got terrific bat speed, and when it clicks, he can hit.

Power: He has good hand speed and has the ability to drive the ball, though he doesn't show a ton of power in games.

Running speed: This isn't a pure plus, but he runs extremely well.

Base running: A very smart baserunner, he uses his speed well and even plays above the tool.

Arm strength: Also a pitcher, he has an above-average arm from the outfield, which looks even better because of his quick release and accuracy.

Fielding: He is a plus defender overall and really knows what he's doing out there.

Range: His speed plays well in the outfield ,and he covers a lot of ground.

Physical Description: Hahn is an undersized, left-handed outfielder, who's starting to gain some strength, especially in his legs.

Medical Update: Healthy.

Strengths: Good speed, outstanding throwing arm, above-average bat speed. Plays above his tools.

Weaknesses: He has shown a tendency to swing and miss too frequently at this level. His size will keep some away.

Summary: There tends to be a certain mold that teams look for from high school outfielders. Hahn doesn't really fit it, as he's much smaller than the prototypical toolsy prep standout. While he does swing and miss too much at times, he has excellent natural bat speed. He runs very well, both on the bases and in the outfield, where his above-average arm plays up because of his release and accuracy. There will likely be teams that look past him because of his size, but an organization willing to think a little outside the box might have an interesting prospect on its hands.

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