Peavy doesn't think Padres will win the West, whines about a bunch of other stuff

Jake Peavy has never known how to keep his mouth shut. He has an incurable case of verbal diarrhea. He likes to think of himself as a good teammate and a competitor, but at the first sign of trouble he's ready to pack his bags and leave. He should really just embrace the fact that he really just wants to be a mercenary for hire.

Why is he still talking about Kevin Towers? He was fired like 8 months ago. I think it's because the White Sox might start rebuilding and Peavy wants to join the Yankees. He thinks that they are the only team that would accept his contract and remain competitive.  He figures that if he kisses Towers' back side then Towers might put in a good word for him with his Yankee co-workers.  That's my conspiracy theory.

Also he's probably jealous that the Padres are better off without him and have only improved since he left.  The record speaks for itself.

Peavy rips Padres over firing GM

I'm a big fan of Kevin Towers and I wish he was still with the organization but Peavy is trying to accuse the new Padres brass of taking credit for the Padres success when Jed Hoyer has always given credit to Kevin Towers.

"Kevin Towers getting let go out there is an absolute joke," Peavy told on Wednesday. "You can quote me on that. Kevin Towers is a heck of a general manager.

“You see the product of his work. Moorad and those guys just took over the team last year. They didn’t change that team — (Jon) Garland’s pitched well for them, but they didn’t make any significant moves to that team, that coaching staff.

Peavy also believes that the Padres will probably trade Heath Bell but he still roots for them because he has a lot of friends on the team. Between you and me I've heard from a little birdy that a lot of his "friends" on the Padres were not very fond of him, his extracurricular activities, and his big mouth.

"Are they going to win the West? Probably not. Some of the other teams have a little more talent. But I can’t see why they’re not going to compete all year. And I pull for them. I still have a lot of good friends over there. I wish them all well."

When the going gets tough, Peavy gets going. We've heard all of this double talk before.

Rebuilding not part of Peavy's plan

"At this point in my career, I certainly don't want to be a part of any rebuilding process. I hope that would be understandable," Peavy told while waiting out the rain in Detroit on Monday. "But I by no means have mailed it in on the 2010 White Sox.

Peavy on a rebuilding scenario

I'm excited to be in a situation where you talk about it's not going to be a rebuilding process. If that were the case, I would certainly try to be moved


2010 - Jake Peavy 4-5 5.90 1.36 65 26

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