The Best Day Ever!!!!

Today we went to the game using the free tickets that we got from the Coronado Bay Bridge Walk/Run.  We had never been to b-fast at the park, so we got there about 10:45.  We went over and ordered 2 coffees, an orange juice, a seared blue berry muffin, and a b-fast bowl.  The nice lady that was checking us out had trouble with the credit card machine.  We were only standing there checking out for maybe two minutes longer then you would expect. 

Just then, a nice lady who works for the Padres handed us 2 coupons good for $5 each (they were like cash that could be used for anything anywhere in the park) because of our wait - she was sooo nice.  Not thirty seconds later they still couldn't get the credit card machine to work, so she told them that she would buy our b-fast and sent us on our way.   There wasn't even anyone waiting in line behind us.  Are you kidding me?  I tried to return the two coupons, but she would have none of it. 

We went down and were seated on the warning track at the table closest to the bullpen entrance.  Balls, Clayton, et al just walking back and fourth not a foot from us.  Couldn't get any better, could it?  Well, yeah, it could.  Clayton posed for a picture with my son and I.

So, back up top and it's Friar Fit time.  PSA is leading the work out.  So good!  We wandered to the Padres store, then to our seats - way, way at the top in section 317, I think.  Watching the game, having an absolute wonderful time.  Used our coupons for a coke and a hot dog, sun is out, blue skies.  BTW - the military montage they do on Sundays with the players, and the military personnel is so freaking rad! 

Red Ruff shows up, we catch a foam ball.  Camera guy shows up - my son is on the jumbotron - close up shot.  It honestly can't get better.  All three of us can't believe what an amazing day we are having. 

So, 7th inning comes around and OMG - Tom Garfinkel walks up the stairs and sits down less then 6 feet away from us.  I'm filling out my Best Seat In the House entry forms, trying not to be all star struck.  I tell my son who he is and since he's nine he thinks he needs to be on his best behavior as not to get in trouble with the big man.  He talks to a very cute father and son duo, then he points down to the field and they leave.  Hmmmm?  

He then comes down and sits in a seat directly above us.  He introduced himself and shook our hands (he has VERY soft hands).  Chats with my husband and son for a moment.  We are stopped by a wonderful rendition of God Bless America.  When it's over he gives us three tickets to Section 9, Row 1, Seats 1-3.  I tell him  what a great day we are having and thank him so much and tell him that I am an avid reader of Gaslamp ball, for that he fives me!!!  Tells us to enjoy the rest of the game down there and hopefully we'll get extra innings so we can enjoy them longer.  When we got down there they gave us chocolate covered strawberries.  There's no way that this could ever get better.  Oh wait, we end up with extra innings and a walk off win.  We went directly to the closest convenience store and bought a lotto ticket.

So, thanks to the Padres, the nice lady that bought us b-fast, and especialy Tom for the greatest day ever!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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