Visceral Displeasure

In my life there are four shining priorities in my life:

1) My relationship with God.

2) My love for my family and friends.

3) My work in my career.

4) My love for the San Diego Padres


I like to do other things... mostly in the off season or if I have a girlfriend at the time. So I can hardly express my incredible displeasure with the offensive production of the San Diego Padres which resulted in a sweep at the hands of the miserable Dodgers... more below.

I have watched or followed most games this year, and the thing that is apparent with this offense is that, with certain exceptions, they feed off each other.  Its like all or nothing.  Either we get 7 singles in a row scoring 4 in an inning, or we K, K, ground softly to 2nd. I am taking a new approach to analyzing our hitters... rather than throwing up statistics, I am just going to chat about what I see when they are up to bat anecdotally and in a qualitative perspective.

1) Anthony Gwynn Jr: He looks stiff. Period.  When his dad was up to bat he was constantly moving, like a toned down Ichiro.  Tony THE Gwynn seemed like he was prepared to hit anything thrown at him.  Anthony looks like he is in an uncomfortable stance looking for a pitch he is not sure he can handle.  I like the way he works the count, but I almost feel like he must not see pitches well.  He seems to strike out looking on pitches away a lot.  I'd love to see him handle that pitch by going the other way with it knocking it into the 5.5 hole.  He seems to draw walks, but he has to hit a couple of the strike out pitches.

2) Eck:  As scrappy as Eck is, it seems like he needs something to do with an at bat more often then not.  I am not saying that he has never gotten a rally going... but it would be interesting to look at his first inning at bats when the lead off guy has gotten at out.  I would say its low.  Eck needs to start rallies more often. 

3) Gonzo:  Gonzo has been pressing of late.  He will be fine, but I think ultimately he thinks he needs to carry the team, when ultimately the team needs to help him.  I would like to see him out of the 3 hole... I think 4 is better... someone HAS to get on ahead of him, which Chase ahead of him, and some combination of Scotty, Blanks, and Venable behind him, he will get his pitches. He isn't getting much now, and putting him in 4 just seems like it makes more sense.

4) Blanks: His woes are well documented.  His confidence is down, he still looks clueless on breaking balls out of the zone.  He really does seem like the second coming of the fictional Pedro Cerrano.  The thing that really annoys me is that he HONESTLY doesn't seem to see the ball.  When some guys take strikes or strike out looking, they make like the follow the ball in, and the Ump punches them out on a pitch that the player thinks is a ball... some guys like Venable seem to have a hole in their bat and swing right through the pitch.  Blanks K's while looking right at the pitcher! Its so disturbing. 

5) Venable:  Venable may be one of those unfortunate guys who is just completely incapable of drawing a walk.  When he connects with a ball, it is punished... often to a fielder who is right there, and who's hand is probably throbbing.  If he learned to lay off breaking balls out of the zone, he could be a .280, .380. ,480 guy.  He is 27 so I don't know if he can work through his issues... but man, what could be!

6) Headley: Chase "Saviah" Headley needs to find his identity.  I don't mind him being a singles hitter.  I don't mind him being a power hitter.  I don't think anyone expects him to be Poo-holes.  If he keeps a +.300 average with mostly singles... fine, that is a perfect #2 #3 hitter.  If he drops a little in average in exchange for power... awesome! thats a #3, #5 hitter... but if he is a .290 hitter without power, he is a middle infielder or CF... not a corner infielder. Love to see him find a hitting role that fits his position.

7) Everth:  Everth simply needs to adjust.  He was a better hitter than pitchers thought when he came up last year, and now the league had a plan against him.  Once he works his way through some more pitchers, he will come around to a nice .260, .350 hitter with s sprinkle of power. IMHO.

8) Catchers:  I like our catchers a lot.  Yorvit has always been a solid hitter, and Hundley has had a great start.  

9) Scott Hairston:  Scotty has Padres luck.  He hits better with this team than any other.  He seems flukey and somewhat undisciplined, but it works.  

10) Jerry Hairston Jr: News flash... his career .256 . 325 line isn't amazing.  He is not a starter... he is a great bench player / spot starter.  We cannot rely on Jerry to hit much.  We need him for defensive replacement and for resting guys.  


Summary:  Headley, Gonzo, Scotty, Eck, and Yorvit have essentially done their job.  Blanks, Venable, Gwynn Jr, and E Cab have not.  Hundley is sort of dropping off, and Hairston was not hired to hit much more than his career average... which is mediocre.  The Dodgers evened out some of the Karma we had with the Giants... our pitchers are not invincible... but they are really good.  

Randy Ready has been a great coach for us for some time... lets not get him fired.  

Now... lets shake off this humiliating sweep and keep beating up the Giants!!!!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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