An Intimate Dinner with Sensual Moments: Tom Garfinkel and ThePadfather, and 25 other people

So I was lucky enough to run into some tickets for a dinner with President and COO of the Padres Tom Garfinkel.  Earlier today I received a call asking if I was free tonight and was offered a couple tickets for a dinner event where Tom would be speaking to a few season ticket holders as well as some prospective season ticket holders. 

So being the committed Padre fan that I am, I bailed on taking my friend to the airport so I could attend.  Come along with me as we go into an enchanted evening.

I was forwarded a parking pass so we could park in parking lot D1. I brought my dad and fellow UCSB graduate/ former Isla Vista roommate out to take in the festivities.  Once we got there, we were me outside the gates by our ticket representative. He told us that we were in for a treat and took us down to the Sony Home Plate Club. 


Once we got inside they had a catered buffet with chicken skewers, bbq rolls, potstickers, cheese & crackers, and fruit.


After eating and getting schmoozed by the Padre ticket sales staff we were treated with a short speech by Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service Jarrod Dillon.  He told us about how tickets sales have gone this year, new happenings at the park, team goals, and other generic tidbits about our Padres. After he finished he introduced the man of the night Tom Garfinkel.  Tom, as slim and fit as ever, sporting a SD pullover jacket talked about the opening of the season, his 1 year anniversary with the Padres, and how the sales team met the season ticket goal eclipsing last years numbers earlier in the day. After he was finished he took some time for a Q&A session.


The first question was more of a comment of how Padre fans are suffering, deserve a championship and hopes that the management understands that we want to win and win now! The man who asked the question brought his 5 year old daughter along with him, Tom took this as an opportunity to show that he likes kids and asked her a little about herself. Name, Age, Sex, Location.

Then he lays down the hammer. "Are you a Padre fan?" he asks. She replies yes and he then proceeds to ask who her favorite Padre is. Her reply "Jake Peavy". It got a good laugh from everyone in the crowd. The next question was from an old man asking why on we hired Dick Enberg?

Tom asks if he has a problem with old people and then delivers the line of the evening. "You don't like Dick, I thought everybody likes Dick". Boom. Roasted.

I then asked him about Depo's Blog and my dad asked about the Dominican Republic facility. He answered both of our questions, took a few more and then ran a video about the the changes, new faces of the Padres, and on and off field happenings over the off season.

After the video Jarrod came back up and announced that we would be allowed to go onto the field and take some pictures.

4504578800_17c74888f3_medium 4503945639_67279c5a17_medium



All in all it was a great night. Thank you to the San Diego Padres, and Tom for such a great evening.

Padfather. Out.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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