Pics from #influenceSD and the speech that should've been



As you're more than likely already aware, Gaslamp Ball was a finalist for Best Use of New Media in Sports at last night's #influenceSD Awards...and LOST!

In any case, it was a fun night. Care to relive it? Join me after the jump.

After walking the red carpet (which was more like a rug), I sat down with fellow Padres bloggers Steve from Friarhood and Rick from RJsFro. We all wished each other luck and hoped at least one Padres site would be crowned a winner.

At the table, there was a program with our names on it! Nice!


Before the awards portion of the night, Krys Justice [sic] performed a few songs. Some people enjoyed, but I didn't really get into it because he didn't sing any Journey.


The awards eventually started and they breezed through all the categories I didn't care about. Sam the Cooking Guy was there and presented some awards, but not for us. He really killed it on stage.


Throughout the night, I wasn't really nervous. That all changed once they announced the winners in the category before us. The moment we'd all been waiting for was imminent and my guts became filled with butterflies. I began to think about my speech, if I would read it verbatim or wing it a little bit. By the time I decided what I would do, they had already announced the winner: The Football Girl.

I definitely audibly grunted upon hearing that the site didn't win. I really wanted to go on stage and thank the fellow nominees, give proper credit to Dex and jbox, and maybe make a joke or two. Alas, it wasn't to be.

Once everything was over, I obviously was feeling down and needed some compassion. I sought out Sam and asked for a hug. He was more than happy to oblige.


That's just as good as actually winning the award, right? But if we did win, here's what my speech would have been:


Congratulations to the fellow nominees. It certainly is an honor to be nominated and all of you are equally deserving of this award.

Many thanks to Dex and jBox, the proprietors of Gaslamp Ball. They're really awesome guys, they do a fantastic job, and it's a pleasure to represent the site and accept this on their behalf.

Also, many thanks to all the various contributors to the site, who make it one of the most hilarious and fun baseball blogs on the Internets.

I won't name all of them, for fear of forgetting someone, but seriously, every single one of them warrant a piece of this rock.

Oh, and GO PADRES!!!!!!!!


That would have been fun to say, but at least now you guys got to see it. Maybe we'll eventually get one of those rocks and you all can get a piece. There's always next year!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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