Around the Mission: 3/12 Padres Links

  • PADRES: Antonelli is ready to finally be a hit
    "He's got a lot of courage," Muser said. "It takes a guy to say, 'Hey, I've been going about this wrong.' He took responsibility. He's becoming a man. It is a tough game, a tough mental game and it probably was about 80-to-90 percent mental. I think he was at a point where he was trying to force it to happen: 'I gotta get a hit. I gotta hit it out.'

  • Garland’s movement good, mechanics so-so -
    "I could have kept going," said Garland. "Bud and I talked about it. I wanted the feel of pitching, sitting and pitching again."

  • Padres crank up baserunning pressure | News
    The Padres would like nothing more than an athletic team that can run itself into more runs. Toward that end, the green light is on this spring -- whether it's stealing bases or taking an extra base.

  • 'No regrets': Giles calls it a career | News
    Brian Giles' right knee didn't feel right, so the veteran outfielder did what felt right. Giles, 39, announced his retirement Thursday morning, a month after having signed a Minor League contract with the Dodgers in hopes of resuscitating an All-Star career.

  • Garland struggles with command in loss | News
    Jon Garland's second outing of the spring wasn't as strong as his first. The righty was hit for four earned runs over 1 2/3 innings Thursday as the Padres fell to the Cubs, 8-7.

  • Stairs draws rare start at first base | News
    Matt Stairs, in Padres camp on a Minor League contract, was in the lineup against the Chicago Cubs at first base on Thursday.

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: GROUNDHOG DAY
    "I have been getting home from baseball around 6:00 PM every night and by the time I'm done eating dinner I pretty much go right to bed and wake up the next morning to do it all over again"

  • "Hairston looks worse than he is" by Padres Scorecard
    "Scott Hairston arrived at camp Friday on a pair of crutches."

  • "I can't type as fast as I can think" by Padres Scorecard
    "Black was introduced to Vegemite in 2007 when he saw a container of the Aussie "delicacy" in the locker of pitcher Adrian Burnside. Black made the mistake of asking for a taste. Burnside offered up a sample on a tongue depressor."

  • "Padres react to Giles retirement" by Padres Scorecard
    "He is one of the best," said Scott Hairston, who played next to Giles in center as a Padre. "I learned a lot from Gilley in so many ways. Each and every at-bat, he’d grind it out, always with the same composure. He was a true pro."

  • Beers with Bob " RJ's Fro
    "The wonderful Bob Chandler took some time out of his day to sit down and have a chat with us for close to 2 hours."

  • The Friarhood - Heath Bell on Twins Radar
    "A 32 year old closer with one more year of arbitration is not exactly a great fit for this team."

  • XX Sports Radio: Andy Masur (MP3)
  • XX Sports Radio: Tom Krasovic (MP3)
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