All-Time Most Hated Padres By Position


This should actually be a lot of fun. There have, and always will be, certain players we simply can't stand for one reason or another. Maybe they just suck. Maybe they have the personality of a shit sandwich on pumpernickel. Maybe they tried to bang your married sister. Whatever the case...we all have them. Here's my list:


1B - Jack Clark. Clark was one of the all-time pricks in baseball and accused The Gwynn of being of selfish.

2B - Bip Roberts. Bip was short and had a cute nickname so he was a fan fav. My favorite Bip story (which I've recounted on The GLB before) was when Bip was playing for the Reds in a game in San Diego, he ripped a double off of Bruce Hurst. Bip jumped up at second base talking some smack...Bruce yelled at him "Play in a hundred games and then pop off, meat!". Bip was nothing but a tin man. The only good thing about Bip is that we traded his ass for Wally-World.

SS - Khalil - I really hate putting Greeney on this list. But I can't think of a Padre shortstop that caused me even a fraction of the stress, frustration or pain that Khalil did. I LOVED his glove....but his problems at the plate and demeanor were my liver's biggest enemies. Sorry Phantom.

3B - Nevin. Phil F**king Nevin. Hands of stone. Total a-hole. Cried like a little bitch when we moved into Petco. Rejected the trade to the Reds for Griffey. Even though I couldn't stand Shipley, Arias, Ensberg, Chris Brown & hatred of Nevin runs deep. Easy choice.

C - Doug Mirabelli - This one is a lay-up. Rob Bowen gets honorable mention. I'm sure Bowen is a nice guy. But he was so worthless, he just infuriated me to no end.

OF - Jim Edmonds - I can honestly say I hated the Edmonds signing from Day One. I'm sure most of it had to do with him blocking my boy "Gey for Gerut"...but I did not want Edmonds in a Padre uni. I was happy when he was hurt and disappointed when he was "healthy" enough to play.

OF - Paul McAnulty - This was never about Paul - the person. It was always about me just being embarrassed that we sucked so much that we had that guy starting in our outfield. I was ashamed of him - pure and simple. He couldn't field, couldn't throw, couldn't run and could barely hit. I even hated his name.

OF - Kevin Mitchell - Another world-famous a-hole. Pretty sure he was the one that missed a game because of a bruised tooth root.

P - Adam Eaton - Adam Pay me "like a number two" Eaton. Congrats on screwing the Phillies out $25 million, jerk-off.

Manager - Larry Bowa - Three words: Avoid the Noid.

Obviously I have a lot of anger in me. I'm sure I missed someone that really deserves to be on this list...have at it.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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