Adrian Trade Gives Me Hope for 2011

I really thought 2011 was a lost cause *before* the trade.  Yes, I am  that crazy, I think that this trade makes the Padres *better* in the short term & long term.  

When I heard that Chase Headley qualified for super two status I knew Adrian would be gone before Spring Training.  I *think* that if Chase had not, we *may* have held on to Adrian.  Jed Hoyer is a very smart guy. He knows that with a low 40's payroll every penny counts. Losing that 1.6 million in salary to Chase Headley meant that he would have to do something that wouldn't be popular....

Moving that 5.5 million gives a lot more wiggle room and gives us more options to do what we do best: Pitching and Defense.

I have no idea what Jed has in mind, but I do not see how we cannot still be good next season with:

Latos, Richard, Stauffer, Harang, and LaBlanc in our starting rotation, and our stellar bullpen.

As for our offense I see hope.

1) CF Maybin- From what I heard this guy could be the next Mike Cameron: Solid D, has some power, acceptable average,  strikes out alot, and can steal a base.

2) RF Venable- I think took the step he needed last year, if he can stay healthy and be the guy he was during those  two hot streaks, he can be a +Defender in right and be a asset offensively.

3) 3B Headley- Lets hope we pick someone up who can actually hit 3rd.  I remember the guy at the beginning of 2010 who gave me PFOB every time he was up hitting 300 in the April.  I want to forget the guy who was there the rest of the season.  His +Defense was great, lets hope he can find some power, or hit 8th.

4) LF Ludwick- Getting a full season at Petco will be key for him.  He has to potential to be the threat we need.  I hope Bud et al can help this guy get his confidence back, and teach him how to hit at Petco. I think he will be a + Defenser in LF after the disaster he was in RF last year.

5) C Hundley- I imagine he will get another good backup.  I think his offense will be improved with consistency.  Torrealba was so pimp last year he never got a chance to get in a real groove as the head catcher... 2011 will be that year.

6) 1B- We need one.  I think Blanks will be better after his surgery. You could tell he was not right last year.

7) 2B- We need one.  I think Antonelli could have been that guy if he could have avoided injury.  I hope we sign him to a minor league deal. (Can we find Eck again?)

8) SS- I think we give Efren another shot.  He was too often injured to know if he lost his touch, or just found the suck.

What Jed foes with 1B, 2B and SS is going to define this team for us next year, they just need to find a way to be average (which is what our ballpark adjusted offense did last year).  If we can get average out of these guys, which will require only 3-4 guys to step up and pick up some Agon slack (not just 1-2).  Then we repeat last year, because our starting pitching, defense, and unicorns will take us the rest of the way.

Go, Jed, Go!!!!



This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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