One Good Thing, One Great Thing, One Bad Thing, One Thing You Would Change.

If you check Websters dictionary for the definition of 2010 Padres it will read; team of scrubs that nobody wanted.  You would think they spend their spare time loitering outside of 7-11 asking for change.  You'd probably hear they're bottom feeders that had more business getting in bum fights with Pirates than playing bochi ball with the MLB elite.  As is true with any group of bad dudes, if you hang with them long enough, they're bound to get you high.  And boy did they get us high.  Let's just say that if you're afraid of heights then the 2010 Padres were not your team.  These Padres are bad dudes.  They blasted their seed into the belly of the ESPN's daughter saying, "You don't like us, but you're stuck with us now."

Unfortunately, that high wouldn't last.  162 games into a journey to the World Series, we were left with a sobering reality....Time to go to rehab and play General Manager for the next 6 months.  So....let's...

What is one good thing, one great thing, one bad thing, and one thing you would change about the Padres moving from the 2010 season into the 2011 season?  Here are mine.


  1. Good thing-  Tim Stauffer.  It's never too late to mature into the 1st round talent you had waiting inside.  With your 2010 performance, you took what became a very shaky starting rotation and put the team on your back delivering lights out performances every time you were asked.  You're the reason our 2011 rotation will be a complete package.  Tell your friend Chris Young to condition himself well in the offseason and come back at a reasonable rate.  Tell Mat Latos not to screw around too much in Florida and make sure Clayton Richards continues to spend all of his spare time in the gym.  If you'd like, ask Jon Garland to give it one more try.  San Diego would love to play poker with 5 aces hiding in its hand.
  2. Great thing-  New ownership, new state of mind.  We're very lucky to have had such a smooth transition between last year's sale of the club and this year's performance.  We know how much trouble our loveable neighbors to the north are having with their soap opera.  Management seems to understand that a good year will reflect in the stands the following year.  I expect them to take some risks, spend some money, and be rewarded big time next season when the city of San Diego begins to sell out every weekend game and put at least 30k in the stands on weeknights...even against the Astros.  They put a focus on the fan experience and understand that our culture is laid back, but above all, we want to win.
  3. One bad thing-  Ludwick's timing.  Ludwick seemed to cave under the pressure of being the guy an organization looked to for some big time hits.  We went out to hire Adrian a security guard with a bigger gun than Headley's, instead we got a man with a slingshot.  No doubt he needs to be here next year.  Let's face it, Luddy has a bazooka somewhere in his home in St. Louis,  he just needs the offseason to go find it.  Next year look out because our 3,4,5 is going to look really tough to most pitchers.  Remember what it feels like to have a tough middle of the lineup?  Me neither.
  4. One thing you would change-  Not a thing.  This season was supposed to be like eating chicken with cat crap on it.  Instead we had one of the most inspiring rides in Major League history.  It may only be the morning after but I am so hungry for baseball.  Truthfully, I don't care about anything that happens in the playoffs, I'm just counting down the days until Peoria.  Moar Padres, please!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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