Response to Jay Posner's 7/31 media article

OK, so today's rant by me, a Gaslamp Baller since inception (almost), is in regards to this article in the UT by Jay Posner about new media. I know only about 1,000 very old people read it in print, but I'm irked about it anyway. This weekly article, normally dedicated to a local TV and radio roundup, decided to have its main focus on the new career paths of Chris Elsten and Craig Ello, two failed (I will use some form of this word frequently, by the way) San Diego radio sportscasters/drivetime hosts/failures.

Posner used to cover these two failures who, ahem, "dominated" the AM radio airwaves in San Diego offering their scorching opinions on San Diego sports before getting canned earlier this year. Naturally, these failures, like Posner and anybody even remotely connected to an old media job, have turned to this newfangled internet thing to connect with their intended consumer. That is all well and good, and should absolutely be commended for its truly innovative thinking, no matter how many years (bordering on decades) late they are to the game.


The article mentions that the failures believe this is "where the media business is headed." Oh really, ya think?

Gaslamp Ball, a site that has been around since 2005 (way longer than the super cleverly-titled 619sports by those failures mentioned above), is the ultimate and predominant site on the internet for all things Padres, as all of you know. What the tag team of Craig and Chris think they're doing and making waves at, Dexter Bustarde and Jonathan Box [pseudonymn] have already been doing for almost 5 years.

In addition to blogging about everything from game recaps to their favorite players to poor coaching and front office decisions, they've even managed to score some great interviews with the likes of Paul DePodesta, and left field bleachers icon "Harry the Heckler."

And it's not like they were the first ones to write their opinions about a sports team on the internet, either. Mr. Jay Posner, this absolutely is not groundbreaking stuff here! Just because two radio failures start some crappy website and figured out how to do a podcast is NOT news!

You should already be aware that the fans of this generation are migrating to more on demand and creative needs. Aren't you in charge of Kevin Acee, the incredibly brilliant San Diego Chargers beat writer? I mean, you must have noticed all the sweet new exclusive video content he's been posting, his willingness to connect with readers via the mailbag, and especially his kickass haircut?

Speaking of the Chargers, they've also got a dedicated site on the same network as Gaslamp Ball. How about that? Bolts from the Blue, which has also been around longer than the site of the failures, gives its own fresh take on the Bolts with instantaneous reactions and analysis from some extraordinarily smart individuals. They even landed an interview with the newly-drafted Louis Vasquez. Pretty cool, right? Give it a read sometime, Jay.

So Jay, when you talk about San Diego sports and new media, you might want to consider that this is something that has already been going on for many years now and it'd definitely behoove you to make note of it.



This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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