Padres Breakfast at the Park details

So the Padres are going to serve breakfast before the remaining Sunday home games. According to Tom Garfinkel, "San Diego is a 'breakfast town'".

Here in San Diego, we eat breakfast for breakfast, lunch for breakfast (or breakfast part II) and dinner for breakfast. We also eat breakfast for lunch and breakfast for dinner, which, when taken in conjunction with the previous sentence, means that we sometimes eat breakfast for f_ckin' breakfast breakfasts.

A la carte offerings include the following:

  • The breakfast bowl - a Southwest egg scramble, complete with buttermilk biscuit croutons, crumbed maple sausage and country sausage gravy, and topped with fresh chives
  • Bistro baguette - an egg sandwich with the choice of meat and cheese
  • Cinnamon rolls and fresh pastries - a large cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing
  • Fresh fruit
  • Blueberry muffin - a large muffin with fresh blueberries dipped in seared butter and topped with maple syrup, soaked walnuts and fresh whipped cream


You want to know what else I want to see? Join me after the jump:

Here's what I want if I'm gonna eat breakfast at your ballpark:


  • Cracker Jack Cereal - A bowl full of Cracker Jack with whole milk. Top with strawberries for a healthy treat.
  • Scrambled Eggs and Hot Dogs - Pure protein.
  • Oatmeal with Hot Dogs - Try it.
  • Toasted Hot Dog Buns with Butter and Jam - Just like it sounds
  • Breakfast Sausage Corn Dogs - When you're sick of hot dogs.
  • The Daybreak - Beverage offering. Beer and OJ. Pour and serve like a black and tan.
  • Cold Pizza - Unserved pizza from last night, served on a napkin. Just like home.
  • Garlic Fries with Dipping Syrup - Blueberry jam. Mollasses. Egg yolks.
  • Waffles with Mustard and Jalepenos - Ketchup and Onions optional
  • Breakfast Muffin with a Popcorn in the Middle - A tasty surprise. Won't they be glad it's not a bone!
  • Bacon and Egg Dogs - Think a TJ or whistle dog, but done like a croque madame.
Also, I want to be able to show up in my PJs or whatever I typically wear to sleep. Others are encouraged to do the same. Especially the sexy people. Sex sells! Sex sells!

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