Thoughts on a Friday Morning

Jesus Lopez I hate this organization right now. Gee fellas, 3 days off and you return to get your ass beat 10-1 at home? Really happy to be back at work, eh? The 2009 season has been like watching Jean Van de Velde playing Carnoustie's 18th hole in the '99 British Open all over again...with each idiotic decision you cringe a bit harder, feel your stomach drop a little lower, but you know - you just know - there's no way the next choice can be worse than the last one. There's no way the coming result can be more disastrous than the last.  But the truth can and it is. Right now, we're all sitting around the television watching in disbelief as KT slowly removes his shoes and socks...rolls up his pants...and begins to wade into the water. 

  • Mat Latos - I just don't understand this at all. What is there to gain from this? Isn't the list of bad things that could happen about three pages longer than the list of good things that could happen? The Padres should have an O.R. at Petco just for Tommy John surgeries, yet we're going to go completely against our organizational philosophy to bring up our best pitching prospect in a pathetic attempt to "spark interest" in a team that's 20 games back?

Latos threw 56 innings in each of his first two professional seasons and has already pitched 72 1/3 innings this year with Single-A Fort Wayne and Double-A San Antonio.

“As a rule, you don't like to see a young pitcher more than double his innings load from one season to the next,” Grady Fuson, the Padres vice president of scouting and player development, said recently.


  • Bud Black - Extension? Love Buddy (anyone?) or hate him...this is baffling to me. What's the rush? Is this a team loaded with talent? God, no. Would anyone have this team battling for the division? Hell, no. My problem with Buddy? Far too often this team plays uninspired, listless and at times, stupid baseball. What kind of a message are we sending by giving an extension to a guy that has 13 wins in his last 44 games? A guy at the helm of a team that was within a whisker of getting no-hit TWO games in a row? This can wait until November. 
  • Adrian - Aside from the brilliant minds in the Padres marketing one gives two shits about the streak. Personally, I care about treating The Franchise (no, not Hacksaw) in a way that makes him the best player he can possibly be.

3 – Errors by Adrian Gonzalez in his last nine games, including two on potential double-play grounders in the last six games.

Does that sound like Aid? How about one multi-hit game (2-5, July 4th vs. the Dodgers) in his last 24 games? He had seven multi-hit games in April (22 games) alone. But hey! He's within nine games of the Garv's record!

  • Kyle Blanks - He's been on the roster for 24 games now...and only started NINE of those. He should be starting EVERY game. Rotating between LF, RF & 1st - he should start every single game. It's ridiculous to have this kid sitting on the bench watching. If he's not going to play regularly, send him back to Portland to crush baseballs and build his confidence back up until the big league club roster gets a little lighter after the trade deadline. 
  • Jake - KT wants to be cautious and careful with Jake. But of course, Jake is a dumbass and is probably already chasing pigs and chickens around his property with a full jug of White Lightnin' in each hand as part of his "rehab".  Put an end to this right now and let Jake know the next time he'll be pitching in a game will be in Peoria.
  • Giles - Why is he even on the roster? Why wasn't this taken care of at the very least a month ago? We can't trade him and we sure as hell can't play him....WTF?

Giles has been out since June 19 with a right knee contusion and has no projected return date. He says he will be ready to play again this season.

But in what capacity? The Padres want as much playing time as possible for Chase Headley, Tony Gwynn, Venable and Blanks. Said Towers: “I don't see Giles taking playing time away from those four.”

Interesting. If Giles doesn't play, he won't improve on his .191 average, which won't make the radar of a team looking for a late-season bat, which means the Padres will eat the remainder of his $9 million contract.

This reminds me of The Amazing Race. Inevitably, some jerk-off on the race ends up dancing and squirming next to a plate of some vile food bitching and moaning that he "can't do it...I just can't do it. Waahhh....wahhh". You just want to yell at your TV "Shut the f**k up! Eat it! Stop wasting valuable time and screwing your teammate in the're gonna eat it one way or the other! Quit being a little bitch!"

KT - Stop being a little bitch. Eat it. You're going to do it sooner or later. Eat the fried kangaroo testicles that are Brian Giles contract.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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