The Buck/Berman/ESPN Lovefest During Adrian's Derby ABs

I'll preface this complaint by saying that I am aware that the Home Run Derby is an exhibition within an exhibition that masquerades as something who really cares.


ESPN's coverage of Adrian's Derby ABs was a complete joke. It was an uneventful performance that only lasted a shade under five minutes and you wouldn't have even known he was batting ifBerman hadn't stopped yapping his gums 35 seconds into Adrian's AB.

  • Intro lasted seven seconds followed by quick segue back to Joe Buck.
  • Joe Buck says how excited he is to see Adrian's performance in the Derby as well as in the ASG tomorrow because "Adrian Gonzalez is the best player you've never heard of.".......and as the last syllable rolled off of Buck's tongue, Berman jumped all over him with, "What was it like to be Jack Buck's son?".
  • The Buck/Berman/Morgan/Phillips love fest went on for the next four 1/2 minutes while Adrian Gonzalez innocently slapped line drives around Busch. Adrian made his tenth out , took a seat, and toweled off......and then 30 seconds after he had finished,Berman acknowledged that Adrian had actually completed his turn in the competition.

Now if Adrian had started hitting some bombs perhaps the whole Jack Buck Love Fest / "St. Louis Cardinal Nation" History Lesson would have been brought to an end but here's my issue:

Joe Buck told a national audience that Adrian Gonzalez IS the best player you've never heard of and how he couldn't wait to watch him.....and then spent the next 5 minutes looking at the ESPN Desk waxing poetic about the Cardinal's rich history in the Midwest. Anyone on ESPN will also tell you that Adrian IS the best player you've never heard of.......yet they never took the opportunity to talk about him in front of a captive audience.

I'm not really surprised but what a fu@*ing joke!

I'll work on obtaining some email addresses if anyone is inclined to fire off some complaints.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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