Dear Jeff, Make a difference.

Mr. Moorad,

Thanks for buying the Padres, I hope you are here to rescue them from 2008. As a Padre die-hard I am excited about the upcoming season, even in the face of season where no prognosticator shows them winning 80 games.  I really don't care about the price of beer inside the stadium and I am even less concerned about who the 12 apostles, err, owners are. I just want to watch the Padres win, now. So here is my plea, Mr. Moorad:  MAKE A SPLASH. Show your fanbase that 2009 is not a write-off and that we have reason to hope in your reign. Here are my humble opening suggestions:

1. Publicly commit to keeping Jake Peavy. We want to watch him, we want to see him win in San Diego. Yes, you'll need some people around him to score runs, but Jake's our guy.

2. Make a play for Strasburg. If anyone can deal with Boras, it should be you, shouldn't it? Ok, I know, we are in the 3rd draft position. Make a move. This kid could be your #2 by July or August. And Chris Young is no #2, Mr. Moorad.

It's doubtful that Strasburg will be available to the Padres, who draft third overall. The Nationals draft first. In an e-mail to the Padres this past offseason, their general manager at the time, Jim Bowden, said the Nationals will select Strasburg. If the Nationals back off, the Padres expect that the Mariners would take Strasburg with the second pick.


Boras likes how Aztecs treat their ace

I know, I know, but make a legitimate effort. You're only one big blockbuster summer movie from our mystery owner away from affording this! Give us a guy who can throw more than 84 MPH. Yes, the change-up is a nice pitch, but it shouldn't be your best pitch - every pitch. Here's a hint: The Nationals could really use a 3rd basemen. Just saying.

There are so many other issues to address, but this is a start. Please feel free to give me a call when you need more (not Moore) advice.

Go Gaslamp.


This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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