Bloggers vs. Athletes

Online Photos of top athletes a cheap shot?

Jake-peavy-jager-01_medium Jake-peavy-jager-02_medium

Personally I don't think there is anything wrong posting these particular pictures.  These were taken at a charity event where the Padres bar tend and serve drinks.  It's whole purpose was to gather media attention and raise money by bringing fans and players together.  Peavy should not have been blindsided by these photos. Peavy being the most popular player on the team seems to run into the most scrutiny and because he is one of the players that seems to socialize in bars more than others.

"The perception is not always the reality," Peavy said recently.

"The Internet is a crazy thing," he said.

"It's the world we live in," Towers said.

Getting blindsided by bloggers is a concern because athletes are human beings, too, who need to socialize just like anyone else, he said.

"They have to be real careful," Towers said. "They have to use good judgment."

Surprisingly we get very few rumors about the Padres, though we have heard about cheating and affairs, but most of the time we have no way of knowing if the stories are true or not.  I doubt we would post this kind of information ourselves but if it's already on the web in other places we might direct your attention to it. In cases of affairs is it really the bloggers who are "not very nice people" as Professor Levinson suggests or is it the players who are actually cheating on their loved ones?  I think in these cases that the players need to take all the responsibility.

Last week Clay Hensley was seen making out with a chick at the Tavern in Pacific Beach but you don't see us blogging about that.  Why?  Because we are good at keeping secrets and well Scott Hairston puts it best:

“There's nothing wrong with a guy going to a bar,” Padres outfielder Scott Hairston said. “We're people, too.”

By the same logic there's nothing wrong with a guy getting his picture taken at a bar and posted on the internet or say... playing baseball while drunk.

My thinking is that if the player is posed for a photo, posted it himself on the internet or at a media event then there is absolutely nothing wrong with a fan or blogger putting it on the internet. 

I'd like to think we are different than some of the other blogs mentioned in the article because we are actual fans of the players and of the team.  We are not looking for unflattering gossip like other sports/gossip sites.

What do you think?  Where should bloggers draw the line?

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