Fitz. Yes. Day after Friday. The '08 Padres in the 1st half=the '07 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Hey,I'm back, after my 3-day layoff from GLB, and Thursday's game was the best of the three games (which were all losses) against the Yankees. I have to admit that Josh Banks was just as great as Joba Chamberlain, and I have to admit that the National League just can't do well against the Yankees,but we'll get the Bombers next time.


Anyway,the Yankees' sweep of the Padres could be like the USC Trojans and Michigan Wolverines destroying my Fighting Irish of Notre Dame last year. Both USC and Michigan destroyed the Golden Domers 38-0,and just like the '08 Padres, Charlie Weis' team was at their down point. Notre Dame would continue to lose, including the 46-44 loss to Navy (the 1st time the Irish lost to the Midshipmen since 1963...the 1st time the Irish lost to Navy during the Padres' existence in MLB). But there was light at the end of the tunnel for ND as they beat Duke and Stanford to end a horrible season. The Padres should be like the Fighting Irish that played well against Duke and Stanford,and remember that there is always a chance to get to .500.

The Irish do have plans for the future with Jimmy Clausen at QB,just like our Padres have with Chase Headley,Jake Peavy,Adrian Gonzalez,Khalil Greene and Chris Young. And if Notre Dame can improve on their 3-9 season in '07,I believe the Padres can turn things around in the second half. Hopefully, the second half of the season will prove that we still have faith in the Padres,America's Finest Team in America's Finest City.

By the way...

1. The Irish begin their 2008 season at Notre Dame Stadium against San Diego State September 6.

2. The Irish-Aztecs game can be seen on NBC 7/39 (KNSD-TV). NBC 7/39 carries every Fighting Irish home game,and at you can check out their weekly chat with first baseman Adrian Gonzalez online.

3. Remember this:Notre Dame was 2-8 in 1963,then they almost went undefeated in '64,as Ara Parsehegian turned things around and John Huarte won the Heisman Trophy. 2 years later the Irish won the National Championship.  In 1996 the Padres won the N.L. West,but finished last in '97,but would later win the N.L. championship in '98. Before the Irish fell to 3-9 in '07,they made the BCS under Charlie Weis. As the Irish start a new season,expect the Domers to have a big turnaround just like in '64, as well as when Lou Holtz took over the team in '86. (2 years later,the Irish won the National Championship!) Hopefully for our Padres,Bud Black still can turn the team around a la Ara Parseghian and Lou Holtz. Hopefully they can turn things around like last year's Rockies and return to the playoffs!

4. I am also a contributor to  Rakes of Mallow (SB Nation's Notre Dame blog) too! Their site is

Go Padres! Keep the Faith!  Go Irish! Play like a champion today!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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